Unfaithful husband and sister-in-law commits forbidden affair

Unfaithful husband and sister-in-law commits forbidden affair

There is nothing else nastier and messier than a rocky marriage. It becomes even nastier if it’s ruined by the infidelity committed by a married person and his or her spouse’s family member. Scorned wife, Wilma Lumasag, can attest to this. She recently sought help from Raffy Tulfo to have her husband, Joefel Lumasag, and her sister, Neriza Tamayo, apprehended after committing a forbidden affair.

According to the recent 8-minute video of “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” Neriza stayed in Wilma and Joefel’s home when she flew to Manila from Iloilo. As the elder sister, it was just right for Wilma to welcome her younger sister inside their own dwelling. However, never did she expect that Neriza would be one of the reasons why her marriage would fall apart.

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Inside the studio, the scorned wife talked to her sister on the phone and pleaded her to stop communicating with Joefel. Neriza then denied Wilma’s accusation and reiterated that she already quit texting and calling her husband.

“Inaamin ko na nga ‘yan [na] nagawa ko pero pinakulong mo (Wilma) na ako ng one week. Nanghingi na ako ng pasensiya sa ‘yo. Pero ikaw lang naman ang nangsisiksik ng sarili mo, na sinasabi mong may contact pa ako, e.”

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Wilma then revealed on National TV the proof how brass-necked her unfaithful husband and sister are. After the cheating duo was released from lockup, they went to the motel for yet another illicit act. What was even more swear-worthy was they used Wilma and Joefel’s 16-year-old son, Jayed Lumasag, as their lookout.

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Moreover, a video of their flesh fest was sent to Wilma. The scorned wife will be using this as evidence of their illegal affair.

If you’re curious about how Wilma, Joefel, and Neriza’s case was settled, watch the full video below.

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