His Wife Won the Lottery and Then Asked for a Divorce! What Happened Next is Not What He Expected!

His Wife Won the Lottery and Then Asked for a Divorce! What Happened Next is Not What He Expected!


The relationship between a husband and wife extends to more than just love. For a marriage to work, the married couple should not just be romantic but should ideally also be the best of friends. 

Arguing with one another is normal. Some even express their love by making jokes on one another's behalf. In fact, couples who play pranks on each other are so common nowadays that their practical jokes are available for viewing on various social media platforms. 

Comedian Tom Mabe is one of those husbands who troll their wives. He decided to play a joke on his better half and film the entire thing to be uploaded on his Facebook account. 

Mabe explained at the beginning of his video what he plans to do to his wife. According to him, he found a Powerball ticket with the winning numbers from the previous week. 

Mabe revealed that he plans to show his wife the footage from last week's winning lottery ticket announcement and give her this week’s ticket in order to trick her into thinking that she just won millions of dollars

His wife, who is fond of buying Powerball tickets in the hopes of winning, is unaware that the video she is about to see was from last week.  

In their room, Mabe hooked up the TV with the recording of the previous week’s Powerball video. He then called the attention of his wife, who was in the bathroom during that time. 

When his wife heard that the Powerball was on, she immediately searched for the ticket in her bag. At one point, she even told her husband that the Powerball might be fake since no one has ever won it yet. 

As she listened intently to the winning numbers, her husband was laughing inside the bathroom. When he came out, he asked his wife what the matter was as he saw her with her mouth wide open due to the shock of seeing the winning numbers on the screen.

When his wife started talking, he didn’t expect her to say that she wanted a divorce. 

Mabe was left speechless. 

His wife was convincing him that they should just split the money, get a divorce, buy a new house, and start a new life since they’re both miserable with each other anyway. His wife even offered to let him take full custody of their children and their dog. 

As Mabe was on the brink of snapping, his wife suddenly told him that it was just a prank. 

It turns out that she remembered Mabe saying that he was going to pull a prank on her one of these days. She figured out that this was the day and was quick enough to think of a proper comeback.

In the end, they were filmed laughing and jokingly cursing at each other.

Here is a video of the prank:


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