Heartbreaking truth revealed when bus creep gets taken to the police

Heartbreaking truth revealed when bus creep gets taken to the police

Just when we thought that nothing can get worse for this bus creep, a heartbreaking truth was revealed. A young woman shared her scary experience with this malicious man while commuting home. Due to exhaustion, the female rider fell asleep without observing her surroundings.

She woke up to every woman’s worst nightmare – unwanted touching. The young lady shared how she felt hands on her legs and intense fear bubbled up in her stomach. She didn’t know what to do until a rush of adrenaline came over her.

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The woman grabbed the bus creep’s hands and began shouting. Fellow passengers started to wake up and even the conductor approached them to see what was happening. Once the victim revealed the man’s intentions, she asked the driver to take them to a nearby police station.

However, things quickly took a dark turn when a young girl entered the station with tears in her eyes. The child spotted them and went over to ask the woman not to put her father behind bars.

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The female rider tried to explain what was happening despite the kid’s hysteria.

“‘Hinawakan ka lang, pinapupulis mo na agad? Hindi naman masakit ang hawak!’ I was shooookt! Gusto kong sabihin sa bata na, okay ka lang? Binastos ako nung tatay mo. Minanyak ako. Pero naisip ko na bata lang siya. Hindi pa niya naiintindihan.”

But everyone was shocked into silence when the girl revealed that her dad touches her too. It turns out that this unbelievably disgusting man uses his own daughter for pleasure because his wife is gone.

“The way na sabihin niya ‘yung mga words, walang kaabog-abog. Parang normal lang. Gusto kong magwala. Ang sakit ng puso ko.”

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the story:

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