Girl posts a photo her armpits, earns hilarious comments from netizens

Girl posts a photo her armpits, earns hilarious comments from netizens

At the earlier stage of their life, people are taught to shave their hair starting from their ankles up to their armpits. It somehow became a routine, especially among women, to shave their hair in their armpits as a way of maintaining a good hygiene. Being hairless became a form of obsession for some, and this encourages them to buy hair removing products like wax. Even though it is not that visible because of being covered most of the time, many women still worry about having long armpit hair.

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Whenever people see pictures of women with visible underarm hair, it makes them insane. Some people think it’s disgusting to see women with long armpit hair. But for some people, shaving their hair is a choice and choosing not to shave shouldn’t be treated like a plague.

Several celebrities are now taking a step forward as they choose not to shave their underarm hair and just let it grow. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts, Madonna and other celebrities have been totally rocking their pit hair while serving as an inspiration for some women who are having second thoughts about having their armpits shaved or just leaving it as nature intended it to be.

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Growing the hair on the women’s underarm also became somewhat of a fashion trend to many ladies out there. From their perspective, having a long armpit hair is stylish and cool looking. Take it from a girl named Sandra Diaz who recently caught the attention of our netizens after posting a photo of herself while displaying her long armpit hair. In the photo, Sandra wrote a caption asking if she’s the only one who likes to grow her underarm hair.

Her photo immediately went viral and earned mixed reactions from the netizens.

Here are some of the netizen’s comments:

Some of the netizens found Sandra’s photos hilarious while others were [overly] disgusted with what they saw.

As of writing, her photo has already garnered a total of 9.7K likes, 791 comments and 9,622 shares.

What can you say about her photo? Do you find it disgusting? Share your comments below.

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