A girl fell of the gap between the train and train platform because her mother was too busy on her phone

A girl fell of the gap between the train and train platform because her mother was too busy on her phone

For children at the very young age, the parents are the one who’s responsible for guiding and taking care of them. Parents always make sure that their kids are happy while making sure that they are on a good state. They do the best they can in order to make sure that they stay out of trouble, do well in school and be successful in life. Any good parent will always think of their child’s welfare as their number one priority. But what if a parent happens to be too distracted that it caused them to neglect their duty as a parent?

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This is what exactly happened in an incident that happened in a Beijing Railway Station last October 16. There’s a video footage of a little girl that ranges from 4 to 5 years old that has been rescued after falling between the train and the train platform. Because of the child’s eagerness to ride on the train, she walked towards the train and crossed the safety line but unfortunately fell off before she even make it to the train. It was said that the mother of the little girl was unaware of what happened because her focus was directed on her phone and not on her child.

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With the help of a staff that was fortunately present on the same day of the incident, the young girl was able to be successfully rescued and it even seems like the girl came from underneath the train. The child suffered with minor injuries because of the incident.

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According to reports, a lot of people reacted negatively because of the mother’s lack of proper sense of responsibility. Our fellow netizens had the same reactions towards what happened with the little girl. In a post that was made by Kami.com.ph, a lot of netizens were infuriated with the mother’s actions that put the child in a miserable situation.

This is why it is important that parents must be watchful with their children. As much as possible, parents must deal a hundred percent of their attention towards their kids in order to avoid situations like this. A child welfare is very important and it all starts with good parenting. May this incident serve as a lesson to all the parents out there to avoid any more similar cases of irresponsible parenting that could put the children in an unsafe environment.

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Source: Thesun

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