‘Ghost’ baby appears in cot cam, convinces mother that her child is haunting her

‘Ghost’ baby appears in cot cam, convinces mother that her child is haunting her

“I was a sceptic for the longest time, but after witnessing what I have, I have no choice but to believe that my house has a ghost.”

That is what Melissa Smith (not her real name) of Toronto, Canada said when she narrated her story the Daily Mail. A skeptic turned into a believer, Melissa experienced some next-level scares before she was finally convinced that her daughter – or maybe another creature – is haunting her and her house.

The story started in 2016 when Melissa lost her child to miscarriage. The night after the tragedy, a children’s toy in their living room suddenly started playing.

The spooks continued with some minor episodes, such as random creaking sounds, doors opening, and some basic poltergeist-like events.

But it was only in March 31 when Melissa got a ‘conclusive evidence’ that their house is indeed haunted.

She turned on the cot cam one night which was supposed to look after her then 8-month-old daughter.

In the corner of the frame, she found what seems to be a demonic face.

“Leah was wriggling and burrowing her face into the corner of the cot – I ran upstairs to get her. The same night the video was taken, I was responding to some of my friends’ messages about it when the lamp cord on my bedside started to move – I’ve heard the same noise once before.”

This finally convinced Melissa that their house is haunted. Here’s what the netizens think though:

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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