Florida woman finds out that a cockroach was inside her ear

Florida woman finds out that a cockroach was inside her ear

Have you ever heard the phrase, “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite?” How about, sleep tight and don’t let the cockroach get inside your ear? Now that’s an ear-ie (sorry, not sorry) thought right there.

That’s exactly what happened to Katie Holley! She moved to Florida with her husband and they knew right away that they were going to need an exterminator for their new home.

One day, Katie felt a sensation in her ear that just didn’t feel right.

She used a cotton swab for her ear and what she took out was basically nightmare fuel.

She was shocked to discover tiny pieces of a cockroach and it was definitely alarming for the couple. They immediately went to the doctor and the doctor gave her a numbing agent so he could pick out the cockroach with little resistance.


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According to Katie, the feeling of having a cockroach inside your ear, wriggling for its life is inexplicable. The doctor pulled out a big chunk of roach and released Katie with some antibiotics.


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After that ordeal, Katie could still feel something wriggling in ear. That’s why she went back to the doctor and she had her ears flushed. Everything came out — legs, torso, antennae, and even the roach’s head!



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A lot of netizens were shocked by the story. Some of them even shared similar experiences.

According to the source, the cockroach that got inside Katie was a Florida woods roach, a large species of cockroach that ejects a foul pheromone. Fortunately for Katie, it appears that her terrible ordeal is finally over.

SOURCE: Newsner

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