WATCH: Genius way this father tricks his daughter to drink medicine

WATCH: Genius way this father tricks his daughter to drink medicine

As parents, it is their responsibility to make sure that their child gets the proper nutrition. If their child is sick, they should be able to give them the proper care. This includes consulting a pediatrician and being able to get their child to drink the prescribed medicine. In a Facebook viral, a father was able to find a clever way to make his daughter drink her medicine.

His trick was to put the bottle inside a juice box. From the daughter’s reaction, it’s safe to assume that the juice box was one of her favorites. Witty dad, Jefford Balote, also happens to be a Youtuber.

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When the video started, Jefford gave his audience a “tip” on how to trick your child into drinking medicine. While doing so, he held a juice box with a big hole where a bottle of cough syrup was placed inside.

He then gave the juice box to his daughter. She immediately snatched the juice box off of his hands and noticed the hole. Just when you thought she’s figured it out, she started drinking the “juice.” At first sip, she sensed that it tasted different from what she remembers as seen in her facial reaction.

Regardless of that, she continued to drink the “juice” and began to appreciate its taste. The enthusiastic dad starts to cheer for her, he tells her to start dancing with him while she is drinking her “juice.” And with that, Jefford’s mission to make his daughter drink medicine became a success.

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According to experts, many kids need to be tricked into drinking their meds. No kid shall get away from drinking them because it is for their own health. There are plenty of clever ways to trick children, and what Jefford did is truly one of a kind.

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