Facebook user’s photo of his puppy will surely make you look twice!

Facebook user’s photo of his puppy will surely make you look twice!

Puppies are the cutest and most innocent beings there could ever be. It is a common knowledge that there’s basically nothing we can do to make a puppy look any less cute or unappealing.

But apparently, there is.

A social media user with the Facebook name Nikki Ibaos was shocked to find out that Facebook hid and deleted the photo of his puppy. The social media site said that it didn’t follow their “community standards”.

He then realized that it was because users initially thought the puppy was a man’s junk. (Because it does!) Just look at it!


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Even the saintliest person would think that it was a picture of him holding his willy. From that angle and the way he held the puppy, we can’t blame netizens for reporting it. Most of us doesn’t even now that there are breeds of dogs that are completely hairless!

Nikki explained that he really didn’t see the photo that way. For him it looked nothing but a cute little dog.

when I look at it I always just see the puppy,” he said. Okay, maybe if you stare at it for a couple of minutes, you’d realize it is indeed a sleeping puppy. But why would we stare at it and examine it if the first thing that comes to our minds is something that we don’t usually entertain?

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i find it really funny that it’s causing all this attention… yet the photo is something I can keep sharing because it’s also not.”

His post now gained worldwide fame, with countless of pages and websites talking about it.

Most netizens agree. But there are surprisingly a few who doesn’t. Here are some of the online users comments:

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