Facebook user left with major #CrustIssues due to poorly-made pizza

Facebook user left with major #CrustIssues due to poorly-made pizza

Everybody loves pizza. And for those who say that they don’t, stop lying to yourselves.

Who can resist this delectable creation? Everything about it is mouth-watering, from its enticing scent, to the melted cheese, to the piquant sauce and the perfectly baked crust. It’s the perfect food combo that will make you keep asking for more.

Aside from its delectable taste, the convenience of eating pizza comes in handy as well. It is arguably the most delivered food item worldwide.

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So, just imagine the disappointment of this Facebook user who, after minutes of being famished in anticipation, received a pizza that looked like this.

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Yes. It’s horrible.

It’s not even worthy of being called pizza. It definitely looks more like bread with some cheese on it.

The Facebook user had the same reaction. She posted a photo and expressed her disappointment in the caption.

Indeed. Imagine the horror of seeing your favorite food reduced to this mess. Just compare it to the the franchise’s advertisements.

Her post now has over 14,000 reactions and about 7,000 shares.

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Laughter ensued in the comment section as her fellow netizens made fun of the poorly made pizza. Read some of their comments below.

SOURCE: Facebook

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