Dalawang Lalaki, Nagmagandang Loob Na Tulungan Ang Isang Tuta Nang Bigla Na Lamang Itong Nangyari

Dalawang Lalaki, Nagmagandang Loob Na Tulungan Ang Isang Tuta Nang Bigla Na Lamang Itong Nangyari

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. All over the world, we have seen the special relationships that a dog has with its owner. It is a connection unlike any other. On the other hand,  just like all other animals, dogs also have a special connection with their offsprings. Without a doubt, they will do anything to protect their younglings, even if it means going against their so-called “best friends.”


This was recently seen in a post making rounds all over the world wide web. The post features a video showing two men who apparently found a sleeping puppy in the middle of the parking lot. Out of curiosity, they decided to approach it. Based on their body language, it looked like they were fond of the tiny sleeping creature. Because of this, they decided to get a closer look.


After obviously being more fascinated by the pup, they did something which they would later on regret. With confidence, one of them attempted to pick it up and put it inside a box that they found in the same parking lot. Just as they were about to place it inside, the parent of the sleeping puppy appeared out of nowhere and ran after the two men at full speed. Upon seeing this, they immediately let go of the puppy and sprinted for their lives as a full grown dog chased them. The video ended there.


There was no news about what happened after. No one knows if they managed to escape or not. What we all know though was to never mess with an animal’s baby Much like humans, they will certainly do anything to protect their children.

The video that managed to collect thousands of views, comments, and reactions on Facebook. A lot of netizens found the whole thing hilarious. Hopefully, the two men were not hurt and that they learned something from what they experienced.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens.

Watch the video here!


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