Isang Lalaki, Viral Ngayon Matapos Ang Kanyang Pag-gaya Sa Iba’t-ibang Disney Characters

Isang Lalaki, Viral Ngayon Matapos Ang Kanyang Pag-gaya Sa Iba’t-ibang Disney Characters

Disney princesses are the most-awaited Disney characters by avid fans. These fantastical characters play a major role in the lives of our young ladies because they teach our future women on how to be prim and proper but strong and empowered at the same time.

Majority of the fans and admirers of these princesses are young ladies and women who are still young at heart. There is usually this negative assumption that males admiring Disney princesses are weak and lame. It is also not valid to assume that people who can only like Disney princesses are girls.

Isang Lalaki, Viral Dahil Sa Kanyang Nakakatuwang Reaksyon Kapag Siya Ay Kinikiliti

A post created by a social media user went massively viral after it showed how he was able to pull off the different Disney princesses’ look. He looked stunning with all the make-up and all the glittering costume he is wearing.

The post was created by Facebook user JM Mirabel. In his Facebook account, his very obvious description is: Disney Prince. JM did not let his gender be the hindrance for him to transform himself into beautiful and gorgeous princesses of the Disney network.

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In his post, JM tried to look like different Disney princesses and some other iconic characters. He made a transformation of himself so he could look like Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Queen Elsa and her sister Anna. All of the pictures were all fascinating and indeed, JM has a magic hand when it comes to handling make-up brushes.

Ths post also included impersonations of characters such as Goku, Alladin and the last photo sent the netizens laughing.

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The post gained different reactions from many social media users. Some of them are very curious of the make up brand he is using. Others praised him for his talent and prayed that he could have the opportunity to share it with others.

Source: Facebook

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