Customer uses unusual way to capture waiter’s attention in local restaurant

Customer uses unusual way to capture waiter’s attention in local restaurant

Every one of us has our own unique way to get attention or notice from people. Some people would surely do it in a simple way, meanwhile, only a few can go beyond crazy gimmicks. Just take a glimpse at this customer who ate inside a well-known diner and caught a lot of public attention.

We all know that Mang Inasal became very popular after they started their unlimited rice promo for their customers. Recently, a public Facebook page posted a video taken inside the local restaurant. They wrote in the caption of the post,

“Yung first time niyo sa Mang Inasal…pork sisig,”

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In the video, a man used a microphone to get the service crew’s attention and ask for another cup of rice. The customer said in a jesting manner,

“Unli rice please, unli rice, unli rice please,”

In addition, he imitated the restaurant’s song in commercials as well.


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Other customers turned their heads and looked at the man after they heard his loud noise.

The service crew went to the man as he heard his voice and gave a cup of rice in an instant.

All his friends around him in the table broke into laughter about what he just did. Furthermore, it captured a lot of attention from other customers eating in the fast-food restaurant.

Netizens were also pleased on the video and expressed positive remarks. Read their comments below:


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The Facebook video became an instant hit to several netizens. It reached more than a million views and thousands of shares after posting a few days ago.

Watch the full video below:


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