Mga Riders, Ikinatakot Ang Kanilang Nakita Nang Bigla Na Lang Lumabas Ang Kakaibang Nilalang Na Ito

Mga Riders, Ikinatakot Ang Kanilang Nakita Nang Bigla Na Lang Lumabas Ang Kakaibang Nilalang Na Ito

Netizens had something to talk about once again as a certain video was uploaded and went viral on social media. According to the caption of the post, a number of people saw an “Aswang” in the middle of the day. This “news” instantly spread all over the internet and left a lot of people shocked after watching the content of the post.


Aswang is one of the most popular figures in the long list Filipino mythical creatures. According to some, it possesses a lot of inhuman abilities such a huge amount of strength and unbelievable movement speed. Aside from this, people say that the Aswang could also shapeshift into various beasts. It is also known as an “unholy” creature that preys on children and sick people. Though not really proven, some people actually believe that these creatures live among us.


In the said video, we follow some people casually riding their motorcycles one fine day. The sun was out and the weather was fair. As observed, the vehicles they rode were made for the rough terrain. The bikers then chose to take the man-made path in the middle of the forest. Things were normal up until the point where the biker leading the ride fell on the ground after an unexpected sighting.

The person following him, as well as the man behind the camera immediately stopped to come to the aid of their leader. As they approached him, the realized that their companion fell due to seeing a man-like figure, without any clothes running at full speed in front of them.


They hopped on their bikes and tried their best to catch up with the figure. Unfortunately, and mysteriously, it was too fast, even for their motorcycles. The last time they saw the man-like figure was when it went off the main road and into the area of tall grass in the forest. When they tried to follow it further, it was strangely and quickly out of sight already. Based on the post’s caption, they assumed that what they saw was an Aswang. 


Despite this kind of evidence, there were still some netizens who did not believe in what they saw. Some even said that the video was not even from the country. What about you? Do you think that the figure in the video was an Aswang? What would you do if you were in that scene? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with us!

Watch the video here.


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