Angry netizen shared how her hard-earned money was stolen from her

Angry netizen shared how her hard-earned money was stolen from her

Every Filipino aspires to have a financially secured future. We doubt that there’s anyone here who wants to be plagued by debt and unpaid bills. Indeed, parents encourage their kids to save as much as they can to avoid this situation. But for one angry netizen, all the hard-earned money she saved was stolen from her.

Paying for our family’s basic needs, like food, water, electricity, and clothes, is a tough responsibility. This is why this angry netizen decided to save PHP 4,000 from her monthly income. She hid her savings inside a bamboo alkansya or piggy bank that would only be broken in case of an emergency.

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This woman named “Krissel” became financially responsible after watching an episode from “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.” She used the PHP 5,000 she found in her wallet as the “initial deposit,” then added PHP 2,000 every payday. The discipline this woman showed was admirable because she didn’t allow herself to open it under any circumstance.

“I suffered many times. Pag kinakapos ako, natutukso akong buksan pero I stopped myself as much as I can.”

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But when the time came to open the piggy bank, this unfortunate netizen was heartbroken to find out that it was all gone. Someone stole her money and only left PHP 120 in its place. The angry netizen shared how upsetting the situation was. It was as if her pain and suffering benefitted someone else instead of her.

“Halos di na ako kumakaen sa trabaho para makaipon. Hindi bumibili ng mga luho pero sana ginastos ko na lang. Iyak na lang ang nagagawa ko. Nakakasama ng loob! Nagipon pala ako para sa ibang tao!”

Check out her full Facebook post below:

Here are also some of the netizens’ reactions to her post:

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