An infant bites her mother’s nipples during breastfeeding

An infant bites her mother’s nipples during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most natural way for a mother to feed her newborn baby. According to many doctors, breastmilk contains every nutrient a baby would need for the first six months of his or her birth. It’s healthy and necessary for the baby to be able to grow healthier and healthier.

A video posted on Facebook went viral after a baby excitedly bit her mother’s nipples. It’s very common for babies to bite their mother’s nipples during breastfeeding. This, however, creates great pain on the mother and sometimes, it even causes bleeding.

All mothers can relate to the fright of breastfeeding. Since it is medically proven and highly recommended to breastmilk infants, mothers can’t stop breastfeeding. Don’t make the wrong ideas, mothers willingly breastfeed their babies and they are happy to keep them healthy. It’s just the pain of getting your nipples bitten heedlessly by an innocent child really gets in your head.

Many mothers who saw the video shared their experiences in breastfeeding. According to some, their baby bit them so hard that they bled. Others shared that during one or more of their breastfeeding sessions, they were crying due to the pain. But all in all, they all believed that regardless of the physical pain it causes at times, the important thing is their baby’s health.

According to Pregnancy Birth & Baby, breastmilk satisfies the baby’s thirst. It also helps develop its eyes, brain, and other body systems. The act of breastfeeding also helps the child’s jaw development. It can also save him from infections and illnesses later in life.

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Breastfeeding doesn’t only have benefits for the babies, it also benefits the mothers. Besides it being conveniently cheap and always available, it also reduces the risk of bleeding immediately after delivery. It also helps reduce the risk of having uncontrolled malformed cell growth in the breast or the ovaries.

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