Alleged dwarf standing on a tree caught on video in Cebu

Alleged dwarf standing on a tree caught on video in Cebu

Akin to what we see in supernatural movies or television series, this man from Alegria, Cebu captured a video of an alleged dwarf standing on the branch of a tree. In his video, kids were spotted playing on the trunk and were speaking in Bisaya. However, they can be heard telling the adults that the bizarre creature was sitting on the tree prior to the footage.

Moreover, if zoomed in, the figure looked like a small person. And it appeared to be moving! Nevertheless, we can never tell if this creature is legit or not. Who knows? It might have been just a twig swaying at the mercy of the wind or a play of light and shadows in the leaves.





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Lastly, if in case that it was indeed a real deal, we’re hoping that the ones who found it will return it back to its kin.

Meanwhile, see how netizens reacted to this.


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Watch the entire footage of the alleged dwarf below.


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SOURCE: Definitely Filipino

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