Abandoned child found between two tombs in Quezon cemetery

Abandoned child found between two tombs in Quezon cemetery

Residents of Candelaria, Quezon were disturbed by the incessant crying of an infant. When they investigated where it was coming from, their search brought them to a cemetery. It broke everyone’s hearts when they came across an abandoned child left behind by its family.

The poor infant was left in between two dirty tombs with nothing else but the clothes on its back. Our sources provided no further details that can point to any reason why the abandoned child was left behind.

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Judging from the child’s relative cleanliness, we can assume that it was abandoned fairly recently. We do not know the reason why this kid’s parents left it all alone. However, what’s frustrating is how they put no thought into placing the child somewhere safe.

There are different organizations that will happily care for the abandoned child. The parents could’ve even asked their relatives or at least prepared a baby bag for the child in case it was discovered. Unfortunately, they did none of those things.

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The netizens who viewed the video of the discovery were also quite disappointed. They were angered at how the local residents dallied when picking up and caring for the crying baby. They even pointed fingers instead of worrying about the abandoned child.

But there’s no more need for you to worry since the kid is now with authorities from the DSWD. Let’s just hope that it wouldn’t grow up feeling unloved and worthless just because of the horrible and irresponsible way the cruel parents left it behind.

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Source: KAMI

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