A Chinese Company is Looking to Hire People That Will Sleep on the Job for 140,000 USD!

A Chinese Company is Looking to Hire People That Will Sleep on the Job for 140,000 USD!


A day job is a difficult though necessary thing to have as an adult. Many people who do have jobs have to work long hours in an office, suffer through brutal traffic jams during their commute and often think about working from home.

Naturally, working people get tired and sometimes they don’t get enough sleep.

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend where you wish you were paid to sleep as a joke? 

Well, this company in China has answered that question seriously.

Specifically a company based in the Shanghai province is offering employees a yearly salary of 140,000 USD – just to dose off!

That’s right-- you get paid just to sleep!

For a few hours of sleep, you gain a paycheck of roughly P7 million a year! Sounds good!

In a report released on March 17 by the Beijing Morning Post, Nao Baijin(a dietary supplements company) is hiring professional sleepers to test their products. They are looking for potential individuals who are ready to sample their products, go sleep and write feedback/suggestions about their overall experience with the supplements.

Basically they’re looking for willing test subjects.

The researchers will be setting different sleep schedules for different testers in order to see the effectiveness of their products in relation to different sleeping times. 


This company hopes to find some dedicated sleepers who will commit to their required sleeping cycles.

It’s no wonder Chinese netizens have dubbed this oppertunity as “"the world's most comfortable job." 

Sign us up for this literal dream job!

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