Watch How This 11-Year Old Kid Aces Picking Up Girls

Watch How This 11-Year Old Kid Aces Picking Up Girls

As early as our elementary years, we have been exposed to the idea of love and romance. We may not have a full understanding of what romance really is, but we start buying the idea of passion and relationship at a very young age.

As we blossom into our teenage years, we start learning more about this concept. Girls suddenly develop interest on men, and guys start catching love bugs from girls at school. They may start from a simple crush, but the feeling starts to blossom into romance.

Eventually, we step into our teenage years and start looking for prospective partners with whom we would want to be in a relationship with. Ideally, it starts with friendship and then grows into love, but in reality, most relationships really start on dates.

In the dating arena, most people say that guys have the upper hand as they don’t have to worry about waiting for someone to approach them and ask them for a date. In our society, guys are the ones expected to initially express their interest to women.

It sounds pretty easy, but let’s face the fact that not all guys are able to pull off sweet words that would get a woman say yes to a date. It involves confidence and guts to be able to approach the girl you like and ask her out on a date. Heck, even simply asking for a lady’s number isn’t that easy to do.

But there are also those guys who really know their way through a conversation. Some of them are experienced in courtship, while others are just gifted charmers just like this 11-year old boy in this viral video.

In a video posted by a Facebook page called BigDawsTV, an 11-year old boy is seen randomly approaching girls and delivering pickup lines to them. He may be saying the most used up conversation starters in the book, but because of his charm, the ladies find him very adorable.

A lot of the girls he approached actually found this act cute. Most of them even agreed to go out on a date with the little kid and gave him their numbers. Others, on the other hand, just had a good laugh about this whole thing as they were probably thinking that the boy could not be serious with the things he was saying.

At the end of the video, the little kid reveals to the women that they are only doing a video and asks if the women would allow them to use their reactions about the whole incident. But scripted or not, we can’t deny that this boy is doing a lot better than most of us when it comes to approaching girls.

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Source: Facebook

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