This Beautiful Girl Will Teach You How To Use Your Finger In The Best Way! Must Watch!

This Beautiful Girl Will Teach You How To Use Your Finger In The Best Way! Must Watch!


A video has gone viral featuring the dance steps of a beautiful young woman with purple dyed hair. 

But her crazy steps weren’t done with her legs and feet. She was grooving with her hands - to the beat of the song "Closer" by The Chainsmokers.

The viral video, titled "The Girl with Hypnotic Fingers", was originally by the Youtube channel “Status Silver” but was shared by the DANCE SKILLS Facebook page.

This type of street dance style is called “Finger-tutting” and is mostly concerned with the intricate movements of the fingers. Apparently, finger-tutting is inspired by the angular movements seen in ancient Egyptian art. 

The video has since received around 187K Views, 2.6K reactions and shares as of writing. 

Many netizens have shared their reactions to the video. While some were impressed with the girl’s finger dancing, others weren’t as supportive.

Here are some of the supportive and funny comments:

Mary Yeung wrote: “Could not stop watching”

Casey Loove wrote: “i had thought dytto was the best female finger tutter. This woman is on a higher level!”

Charles Randolph wrote: “I asked my girlfriend to do this for me.... She ended up slapping me instead”

Here are some comments from netizens who were unimpressed with her skills.

Jeff Winston wrote: “This aint that cool. Go check youtube what people can do instead. This is the noob level”

Ariell Sky Dalton: “Damn wth is this ? Is this nowadays of dancing ? Please bring back true dancing instead of some stupid trend finger thingy”

Whatever your opinion on her finger-tutting skills is, there’s no doubt that this girl has an amazing talent!


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Source: TNP , YouTube


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