SHARON AT SOLAIRE CONCERT: Sharon Admits She Almost Married Robin Padilla; Turns Emotional During Concert

SHARON AT SOLAIRE CONCERT: Sharon Admits She Almost Married Robin Padilla; Turns Emotional During Concert


After almost 4 years, Megastar Sharon Cuneta had a concert in Manila last night in October 15, 2016 at the Solaire Resort and Casino thus the title "Sharon at Solaire". This was his comeback concert and she wasn't able to hold her tears in many parts of the concert. She also bragged about her weight loss achievements which were completely evident with his elegant black outfit. She turned 50 this year and had been in the industry for 38 years now. 

Despite the warning about the storm "Karen" yesterday, many fans were present to watch their idol. 'Sabi ko intimate. Eto kung pwede nga tanggalin ko na gown ko para mas intimate, pero alam niyo na, may bagyo. Baka mabangungot.'she quipped at the beginning of the concert. 

She also shared how nervous she is after being at rest on concerts for 4 years. I'm actually very, very nervous because this is my first show in Manila after four years. My hands are so cold.' she said. 

This show is part of a long celebration. I turned 50 this year. Ba't kelangan nating tumanda? Pwede naman tayong tumangkad, su-mexy.'she added. 

'I was a bit stressed because it's been 4 years since my last Manila show. 1993 I did a show in Cuneta Astrodome called the Mega concert. 1993 was 20 years ago. I remember at the end of that concert, I had a wonderful audience that gave me a standing ovation. I was so touched and said, '20 years from now, are you still going to love me like this?''she shared about the preparations of the concert. The audience then responsed with loud applause.

She quipped once again about losing wait and said: 

"I know what you're thinking. Mas payat siya sa personal! Kasi ang daya ng TV. Saka tingnan niyo o, wala akong girdle.'

'Ok naman siya. Dati may sariling opinion yan. Pag sinabi kong tuck in tayo, [sasabihin ng tiyan ko] 'Ayoko!' Ngayon, di na 'ko mukhang manganganak bukas.

Dati ang problema ko san ba ako makakahanap ng girdle na turtle neck. Aminin nyo mga babae, anong problema sa hindi turtle neck? Mag g-girdle kayo bigla kayong magkakabewang, papasok ang tiyan. Pag side view nyo bigla kayong kuba. Mabuti na ang walang girdle mas makaka-relax tayo."

But one of the highlights of the show was she called her daughter Frankie Pangilinan who is now 16 years old and had grown beautifully over the years. Sharon introduced her as "more musically talented than I have ever been or will ever be". She got the beautiful face of her mother and Sharon was just proud. They sang one of Sharon's hits, 'Mr. Dj'. 

'Mr DJ did it all for me, (that was) May 1978. (It was) my second song, my first hit..I was 12. My life changed forever? It's nice to come full circle..and sing..with my 15 year old, Frankie Cuneta Pangilinan.'

"Ang haba ng legs. Thank you Kiko. Ang ganda ng mga anak ko, kasi ako ang mama nila.'

'(She's turning) 16. Wala pang boyfriend. Salamat sa Diyos. Ako ka-secret nyan hindi daddy niya.'

But what shocked everybody was she revealed the story behind the song "Maging Sino Ka Man" as she reminisced her relationship with Robin Padilla whom he worked with on one of the blockbuster movies during her time. 

'I did this movie with this guy named Robinhood. That's his real name. I just came from a break-up, that never-ending break-up, and many other breakups. This first break-up, to make a long story short, we did this movie. We had so much fun and we fell in love. I would have married him but I found out someone's pregnant so I had to leave. I didn't??t do anything pa, e. it lasted 2 months. And it gave me beautiful memories and we??re very good friends. (That experience) gave me this beautiful song from Rey Valera.'

She then said, 'I didn't know what to do here. I wanted to do a show that wasn't just a show a show where you just get a collection of songs and sing. I wanted to do a show, after four years of not singing in Manila, that came straight from my heart. And from the choice of songs to the people around (whom) I work with that has been taking care of me, God gave that to me.

'God gave that to me because that is what I wanted to give to you. I gave my heart to you tonight, I hope you know that.'

'Thirty-eight years, so many young stars and you??re here tonight watching. Thank you so much.'

'I wanted something new in my life. God gave me the chance to go back to my home station, God gave me Sharon at Solaire. I'm going to do a movie soon--secret with whom--and then another movie, and then another movie. I'm going to do an album. My first for Star Music starting next month. There's so many things happening, it's unbelievable.'

'How I am now as a person, I am more loving largely because of my family that has loved me and supported me. 20 years of marriage, and we know it??s going to be a continuous struggle. But my husband has given to me 20 years. I'm not going anywhere.'she said as Frankie, Miel, Miguel and Her husband went up the stage.

She then gave Kiko a message saying: 'My beloved husband, pag may reklamo (ako), pag may naalala (ako) sa ex at ni-reklamo ko, sa kanya ko nilalabas.'

'Sweetheart, pag naisip ko `yun, ang galing mong asawa. Thank you ha.'

She then quipped; 'Ayoko na nga, e, gusto pa niya. Kasi siguro ma-mi-miss niya katawan ko.{referring to more children}

'Ganyan yan, e, kunyari disente, kapita-pitagan sa senado. Pag nagtanggal ng barong, magtago ka na. Kaya (pala) masakit balakang ko. Sorry, anong ispirito ang pino-possess ako?!

'Because when your big, and when your husband is thin, (there is a) danger of getting lost. You cannot find your way. But now the map is very clear.

'Malandi po yan. Di kami magtatagal kung hinde, maniwala kayo sa akin..I love you so much babe.' 

Among her guests were her Team Tala in the recently concluded The Voice Kids who also performed a number, Donita Rose, and Anabelle Rama.

Paolo Valenciano, Gary Valenciano's son was the one who directed the concert.

Meanwhile, KC Concepcion wasn't present all throughout the concert. 


SHARON AT SOLAIRE CONCERT: Sharon Admits She Almost Married Robin Padilla; Turns Emotional During Concert
Source: TNP , PEP


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