Watch Janine Berdin as she lights up the ASAP stage

"Tawag ng Tanghalan" Season 2 champion Janine Berdin once again wowed us with her performance. But this time around, the teen wasn't singing on the TNT stage, but rather in ABS-CBN's "ASAP" floor. The 16-year-old once again sang

SK councilor draws flak for allegedly disrespecting a teacher

A Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) councilor is currently in hot water after he allegedly disrespected a teacher. In a now-deleted Facebook post, a teacher from Brgy. Virgen delas Flores in Baliuag, Bulacan narrated how an SK councilor talked

“Bitag” helps file a case against cop threatened a minor with a gun

In a recent episode of "Bitag", the show helped find and identify a police officer who allegedly threatened to shoot a minor while drunk. A CCTV footage showed the policeman hitting a helpless 16-year-old boy, threatening to shoot

Netizen posts on Facebook to warn others of an alleged pickpocket in LRT-1

A netizen recorded the aftermath of what was an alleged pickpocketing incident that happened on the LRT-1. In a Facebook post by Joyce Ann Paddao, the netizen warned her fellow commuters of a woman who reportedly

Young boy found lifeless in Antipolo after heavy rain and flood last night

A young boy met his unfortunate end due to the heavy rain and widespread flooding last night. Earlier today, Facebook user Heria Campong took to Facebook to call the attention of the parents of this boy

Abandoned church filled with ghostly figures attracts visitors from all over the world

This abandoned church is filled with ghostly figures made from plaster which attracts visitors from different places

Meet Ryan Christian Recto, Luis Manzano’s little brother

Everyone loves Luis Manzano! Apart from his looks, his boyish charms, and his happy-go-lucky demeanor, he has real talent. Don’t you wish that there were two of him? Well, this might be a long shot,

Parents’ unfortunate experience becomes goes viral on Facebook

Undoubtedly, there's no worse feeling for parents than knowing their child is in great danger and they can't do anything about it. As a result, it will be an automatic response for the parents to

Swearing is good for children according to Dr. Emma Byrne

Watch out folks, new research suggests an alternative way to raise your kids. One scientist claims that swearing, is actually good for children. Yup, you read that one right. In November of 2017, scientist, journalist, and speaker

This social experiment will show you how often women get catcalled in the streets of Manila

Prior to’s “Is Manila Safe at Night for Women” social experiment, the group had done one about women being catcalled. Watch to find out how many times this woman received unwanted male attention in just an hour.

President Duterte takes over the destruction of over 100 smuggled luxury cars

Included in the smuggled luxury cars demolished last Wednesday, May 30, were 112 Vespa scooters, two Land Rovers, two Triumph motorcycles, a BMW motorcycle, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a Mitsubishi Pajero, and a Volvo car.

JM De Guzman’s father shares heartwarming video of son’s exit from rehab

It's no secret that Kapamilya actor JM de Guzman went through a tough phase in life in the past few years. However, amid the struggles that he faced, the actor still emerged victorious from his battle

Collector who reported losing money in hold up caught lying through CCTV footage

A minute-long segment of CCTV footage can really do wonders in this day and age. It can identify assailants and help out victims. It can even help lost family members reunite with each other. This

Mother who abandoned her baby in Quezon cemetery surrenders to authorities

The unnamed mother who abandoned her infant child in a cemetery in Candelaria, Quezon, has surrendered to the authorities. 

Notched lip of President Manuel Roxas in PHP 100 bills shocks woman

President Manuel Roxas is one of the most esteemed presidents of the country. However, his disfigured face was seen in a couple of PHP 100 bills from an ATM. Netizen Reina Jean Prescillas was quick to report it and is holding the Bangko Central ng Pilipinas liable for the misprints.

Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho: The curious case of Ersan Roxas’ tooth

Whenever the 17-year-old Ersan Roxas takes a selfie, he always makes sure that his teeth are unseen. According to him, he can’t fully smile because of his secret. Although it seems unbelievable, his teeth doesn't

#BenGotRich actress Rich Asuncion marries Fil-Aussie beau Ben Mudie

Kapuso actress Rich Asuncion and rugby player Ben Mudie finally tied the knot in Hong Kong yesterday! Philippine Volcanoes athlete Ben popped the question in last April 2017, but because Rich's sister was also about to

Netizen tries to clear his name after being tagged as a criminal

What would you do if you have been wrongfully accused for an illegal activity you didn't even commit? For a netizen named Ryan Carl Dizon, he tried clearing his name by posting his sentiments on

33 Filipina celebrities who are now in their 30s but still look younger

It is amazing how celebrities manage to conceal their wrinkles, dark spots and gray hairs. While us mere mortals can’t even fight pimples, these 33 celebrities must have found the way to the fountain of youth that that keeps them looking 25. Check out

Man swimming in the middle of the ocean for five days, rescued by tourists

We all know that swimming a long time in cold water takes a lot of energy. But what would you do if you were stuck in the middle of the ocean for five days? Yesterday, a certain Diana