WATCH: Video Ng Eroplanong Nagcrash Sa Truk Stop Hotel Sa Micronesia, Viral Ngayon!

Air Niugini Flight B737 recently missed their landing at Chuuk International Airport in Micronesia. Among these were Filipinos who were able to take a video during the rescue. The flight had 36 passengers and 11 crew which

Video: 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit The Island Of Sulawesi In Indonesia

The government of Indonesia is in their one hundred one percent on taking actions for the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred last Friday, September 28. The island of Sulawesi, the province

Mga Residente Sa Indonesia, Halos Hagupitin Ng Tsunami Na Aktwal Na Nakunan Ng Video!

Natural calamities have been hitting one country after another this year, and it looks like there is no end in sight. READ MORE FROM OUR WEBSITE: WATCH: Isang Provincial Bus, Muntik Nag Mawalan Ng Control Na Aktwal

Lalaking Budol-budol, Nahuli Ng Taong Bayan Na Aktwal Na Nakunan Ng Video!

Mothers would always be protective of their kids. No matter what happens, they will risk their lives just to ensure the safety of their kids. They will conquer every storm and every risk only for

Isang Lalaking Naka-angkas Sa Motor, Sinita Ng Motorista Dahil Sa Napansin Niya Sa Pagkakasuot Ng Helmet Ng Lalaki

Following rules and regulations on the road is a must for every motorist so that accidents could be prevented and lives will be saved. These rules would ensure that roads are safe for all motorists

Pinto Ng LRT, Viral Ngayon Dahil Sa Mala-intense Na Pagbukas At Pagsara Nito!

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT) have always been our main options when we want to get to our destination in no time. These transportation services have helped us reach our

WATCH: The heartaches OFW parents and children experience too often

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Behind The Scene: Anne Curtis’ daring BLK photo shoot

TNP is your ultimate source of the hottest news on the internet!

Witness the off-cam sweet moments of Barbie Imperial and JM De Guzman

TNP is your ultimate source of the hottest news on the internet!

Alex Gonzaga’s driver shares how he the actress treats him as an employee

TNP is your ultimate source of the hottest news on the internet!

Netizen shares inspiring story of 83-year-old elderly taxi driver

TNP is your ultimate source of the hottest news on the internet!

‘nag-iba yung kanta’ Isang Lalake Muntikan Nang Mahuling Sumasayaw Ng Bboom Bboom Ng Kaniyang Kasama

A shirtless man with a buff body shockingly danced the steps to the famous “BBoom BBoom.

‘Nakakakilabot!’- Actual CCTV Footage Ng Landslide Sa Naga City, Cebu, Viral Ngayon Sa Social Media!

Recently, super Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) smashed the Philippines with strong winds and heavy rains. There's no doubt that it has brought destruction and terror to every one of us, especially those who reside on the Northern

Isang Pinay Sa U.S, Nakatanggap Ng Pang-iinsulto Galing Sa Amerikana Na Aktwal Pang Nakunan Ng Video!

Racism is the common belief that some human races have higher power than others. It often results in discrimination and marginalization towards people based on their social group. This type of inequality has been one

Isang Lolong Halos Hindi Na Makalakad, Pinagsamantalahan Ng Dalawang Lalaki Na Nakunan Pa Ng Video!

Seems like nowadays, thieves don't choose who their victims will be. Whether you are a male or female, young or old, these muggers are going to steal from you. They don't care even if you've

Thai Woman Na Madalas Pagtawanan Sa Social Media, Malaki Pala Ang Naitulong Sa Pilipinas Lalo Na Bagyong Yolanda!

"Don't judge a book by its cover" is one of the most popular sayings in this world. Basically, it means not to draw conclusions about people based on how they look on the outside. Instead,

Niregaluhan Ng Lalaki Ang Kaniyang Girlfriend Na Nanloko Sa Kaniya At Siguradong Pati Kayo Kikilabutan Sa Niregalo Sa Kaniya Ng Boyfriend Niya

Recently, a video of a woman in getting pranked by her man became an instant trending topic on social media.

Babala: Kung Lulusong Sa Baha Ay Mas Mabuting Mag-ingat Lalo Pa’t Malapit Sa Poste

The Philippines is prone to natural calamities. Being in a region wherein earthquakes and typhoons frequently occur, Filipinos are expected to know ways to stay safe in times like these. But despite all the preparations

WATCH: Isang Lalaking Caretaker, Ipinakulong Nang Dahil Sa Kanyang “ITLOG”

Every citizen has the right to claim innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, it is important that the authorities observe and practice due process. When someone is denied of due process, it would be a violation of a

Netizen shares awful dating experience with a guy who snatched her cellphone

Socializing with strangers became more acceptable through time. In order to meet new people and welcome them into our lives, we must allow ourselves to be open to the world. However,  it's almost impossible to