Abandon Ship: Rayver Cruz officially leaves Star Magic

Rayver Cruz has officially left Star Magic. This was confirmed through an Instagram post by his handler, Nhila Mallari. Nhila posted a photo of herself and Rayver, sharing what seemed like their last hug before

Dog who was trapped underground for five days went home alive and well after being rescued

Back in 2013, Gina Kaiser’s Terrier wandered a bit too much, causing him to be trapped in an underground drainage system. Lucky for them, Lulu was rescued alive and well.

Jose Rizal’s clay sculpture was sold for PHP 17.5 million

A week ago, León Gallery held it's Spectacular Midyear Auction a few days before the birthday of Gat. Jose Rizal birthday. The auction's catalog features Rizal’s extremely unique work of art — a clay sculpture.

Take a look at these 15 celebrity dads and their adorable mini-mes

Today marks the celebration of fathers from all over the world who unselfishly cared for and protected their little ones from harm. And as we salute all of these great men, we also want to

Check out these 20 celebrities and their expensive possessions

These 20 local celebrities own luxurious items and expensive possessions.

Ladies, Robi Domingo just said he’s a “chickboy”

Robi Domingo recently claimed in an Instagram post that he's a

Young woman suffers consequences from her doctors’ alleged malpractice

A young woman named Camille Santos was a happy soon-to-be mother last year. As the due date neared, she was immediately brought to a hospital in Tarlac to prepare for the birth. Everyone seemed excited

Jodi Sta. Maria’s Instagram post gains mixed reactions from the netizens

At the age of 35, Kapamilya celebrity Jodi Sta. Maria continues to inspire us with her chiseled and skinny figure. Despite her busy schedule in the showbiz industry, she proved that you can still find time

Lumen’s twins from the old Surf commercial are all grown up now

Do you remember the iconic, semi-serial Surf commercials of the '90s to the early 2000s? Of course, you remember the motherly figure Lumen -- the real star, you could say, of these TV ads. Furthermore, do

Facebook user and his deaf friends were “pressured” to leave food court

One enraged and disappointed Facebook user shared how he and his deaf friends were "pressured" to leave SM food court. According to Erickson Galura, he and his friends went to SM Telasbatagan in San Fernando, Pampanga

Anne Curtis protects “It’s Showtime” dancer from wardrobe malfunction

The spontaneity of ABS-CBN's live noontime show "It's Showtime" is what makes the program so hilarious and successful. Yesterday, the laughter suddenly faded when a female dancer experienced a wardrobe malfunction. Thankfully, Anne Curtis swiftly came

A tattooed Chinese woman becomes trending topic on social media

Most people associate inked people with negative preconceived notions. Be it a man or a woman, most people often hurl harsh criticisms at them such as illegal substance users, lawbreakers, and so on. However, one tattooed

Injured female OFW seeks help from Raffy Tulfo to obtain justice

A female OFW working in Taiwan sought the help of Raffy Tulfo on his radio show, "Wanted sa Radyo." The female OFW took part in a vicious, lopsided fight against three fellow female OFWs. Maria Clarissa "Nina Dy"

CHED signs agreement on free tuition for state universities and colleges

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recently signed an agreement that implements free tuition fees in state universities and colleges.

Vice Ganda admits to slapping a woman to protect his privacy

Vice Ganda admitted to slapping a woman after she continued to disrespect his privacy.

Take a look at Ali Khatibi and Amarah’s cute pictures together

Bagani actor Ali Khatibi and his three-year-old daughter Amarah is just incredibly adorable together! In 2015, the Filipino-Iranian fighter's life completely changed when her wife, actress Christine Reyes, conceived their beautiful baby girl. "When you have a

13 celebrities who succumbed to a malformed cell growth

These 13 celebrities and personalities were diagnosed with the disease caused by the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body.

Thai man no longer living due to hypothermia after sleeping with 3 electric fans turned on

A man from Thailand met his maker after suffering from hypothermia. According to various reports, the man slept with three electric fans blowing at him, causing his body temperature to drop significantly.

Netizen shares graphic video of herself getting battered by three co-workers

Can you remember any co-workers that made you fear for your life? Well, for this particular single mother, she can name three. Nina Dy survived an intense assault from three women and lived to angrily

College student caught by authorities with large packs of illegal substances

A young college student recently got herself in trouble during an illegal substance bust in Barangay Duljo, Cebu. Local authorities have detained Riza Mae Cabigon for possessing six packs of illegal stimulants. Reports say that these large