Raffy Tulfo fixes the damage relationship of a mother and a daughter

Filipino are known for their close family ties. Filipino children are usually taught to support their parents when they become adults. While such practice certainly has its merits, this can also lead to some strain in

Ex-“The Voice Kids” contestant meet one’s end after motorcyle mishap

Former "The Voice Kids" contestant Christian Pasno is now with our Maker after being involved in a motorcycle accident. The 13-year-old lad was driving his motorbike last Sunday night at Barangay Mabalanoy, San Juan, Batangas when lost control of the vehicle and crashed. On

OFW in Kuwait seeks help after being denied salary for 14 years

We are not unaware of the suffering and sacrifice every OFW braves everyday of their lives outside the Philippines.

Former fish vendor and OFW now a school owner in London

Nova Fossgard used to be a fish vendor in Zamboanga and an OFW in Hongkong but now she is an owner of a school in London.

PH government begins partial lifting of deployment ban to Kuwait

The Philippine government began implementing the partial lifting of the deployment ban to Kuwait, following a signed labor protection agreement.

Treatment-resistant ‘super lice’ causes concern among hairdressers

Lice are parasites that reside in the scalp and feed on the blood of its unfortunate host. While most species of this parasite can now be managed through regular treatment, a new generation of super

Facebook netizens laud group of men who helped their friend who was abandoned by his family

Facebook user Jhun Mahinay recently uploaded a video on Facebook that touched the hearts of thousands of netizens. On the same day when we celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday, May 13, a group of men spotted

Netizen shares concern over lack of urgency by a certain public hospital

Hearing stories about the lack of urgency that hospitals exhibit to certain patients is certainly disheartening. There are times when people who aren't financially secure are turned away without getting any help. A netizen shared

Chinese workers unearth preserved fossilized dinosaur eggs

Terrifying beasts called the dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. Changes in the climate as well as a few meteor strikes ended the reign of these giant lizards. In the present world, we only know of their

Irresponsible son who’s causing grief to his mother earns Raffy Tulfo’s wrath

A mother will do everything in her power to help her child - even if that means showing some tough love. This is the reason why a distraught mother named Annie Gavino consulted public announcer

Election 2018: Father and daughter in Baguio City sport their native attire

Among the early birds who trooped to their designated precincts this morning to cast their votes are Nicholas "Bong" Cawed and his daughter Mia. Sporting their traditional Cordillera costume, the father and daughter immediately caught the attention of many. 

Former Senate president Edgardo Angara departed from ‘apparent cardiac arrest’ at 83

It was with a heavy heart that Senator Sonny Angara announced that his father, former Senate president Edgardo Angara, has departed at the age of 83.

Commuter on his way home ends up at the hospital after being hit by a rock

"You can never be too careful." This was the takeaway of a commuter in a rock throwing accident he experienced yesterday, May 13. Coming from an event in Bulacan, he was on his way back

This netizen’s small act of kindness towards a hard working traffic enforcer is a must-follow

Upon seeing a traffic enforcer exhausted from the traffic and the heat, a generous netizen who happened to be dinning at a nearby fast food chain thought about giving back by buying him a meal.

Having a hard time getting to sleep? Dr. Willie shares effective sleeping tips

In order to help those people who are having a hard time getting enough sleep, as well as falling asleep faster, renowned medical expert Dr. Willie Ong, also known as the Doktor ng Bayan, shared effective sleeping tips.

Ramon Tulfo fires all cylinders against Ben over the P60-M ad deal controversy

Many people believe that the Tulfo brothers are a fiery but definitely perceptive bunch. If you read even a bit of news though, you probably know that they are in a lot of heat. That’s

Check out Ryan Christian Recto, half-brother of Luis Manzano

Indeed, Kapamilya star Luis Manzano is one of the quintessential male celebrities in the showbiz industry today. With his good looks, flawless hosting skills, and easy humor, he's definitely a swoon-worthy man.However, it seems like his

Dr. Willie Ong lists the fruits that may lead to weight gain

Renowned medical experts Dr. Willie Ong, also known as the Doktor ng Bayan, explained the negative effect of eating too many fruits every day. 

Pregnancy Tips: Healthy tips that you should consider if you’re pregnant

Today renowned medical expert Dr. Liza Ramoso-Ong will discuss with you the important things that you should keep in mind if you are pregnant. 

Netizen shares his terrible experience in planning a wedding for this couple

Every couple always dreams of an extraordinary wedding celebration, but let’s be realistic, it’s hard to achieve an extravagant wedding if you have a limited budget. A wedding planner's is tasked with trying to actualize a couple's