BSP alerts public on “fictitious 10,000-piso banknote”

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas asked the public to be wary of fake banknotes surfacing on the internet. This is after a photo of a fictitious 10,000-piso bill went viral on Facebook. The BSP is adamant that they

Elated locals greet whale shark back to the Boracay

The white sands and beautiful waters of Boracay are indeed reclaiming their lost beauty under the beach's rehabilitation program. Now on it's second month of being closed off to tourists, locals were filled with delight

Husband captures the best image on his wife’s pregnancy photoshoot

Pregnancy photoshoots became an instant trend on social media today. Also called maternity photography, this type of photoshoot is a booming business. Whether it's a famous female celebrity or regular pregnant woman, many women would like

Raffy Tulfo handles case of woman cheating on her immobilized partner

People turn to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help with whatever they need -- be it legal or financial. Thus, when Kimberly Antonio approached the broadcaster for help, Raffy Tulfo didn't hesitate to offer his

Bong Revilla gets phone confiscated after posting selfie

Ramon 'Bong' Revilla, Jr. is once again making waves on social media. So, what happened this time? The former actor-turned-politician's phone was confiscated by authorities after he posted a selfie commemorating his fourth year of incarceration. According to

This story of a man leaving his wife with their six kids will make you cry

Anyone would easily tell you that life is tough. But despite everything, there will always be a silver lining. Such is the case of this wonderful piece of fiction that left its readers in awe

Authorities find missing Gainesville baby who was kidnapped by his mother

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — A three-week-old baby boy went missing while under the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Reports say that the child has been missing for a week when they found him safe

This budding engineer-turned-singer wants to inspire you with his songs

Meet Venn Eli, an up-and-coming musician from Agoncillo, Batangas who will soon sweep you off your feet with his soothing voice and inspire you to pursue your passion.

Kennon Road landslide leaves three car passengers injured

Last Sunday, a family travelling along the Kennon Road was injured after a landslide smashed their vehicle. Three of which were injured.

Facebook user seeks help for a child suffering from glaucoma

A concerned citizen turned to Facebook to seek help for a little girl who is suffering childhood glaucoma. The social media user, whose name is Rachel Figueroa, narrated how she and a couple of other customers

Social media user shares experience with “bogus agency” that scammed him

Recently, a concerned social media user named Cid Marion Estrada posted a furious Facebook rant about his unpleasant experience with a “bogus agency” that scammed him.

Security expert discovers fake skimmer in an ATM in Vienna

Austrian thief chose the wrong ATM to bug, when security expert Benjamin Tedesco found out that one of the ATMs in Vienna has been rigged. While the tourist Tedesco and his family were enjoying the breathtaking art and architecture

Filipino seaman swims aimlessly for four hours before being rescued

Swimming aimlessly in the ocean without having any vision of land whatsoever is probably on everyone’s list of the worst possible way to perish. But for a Filipino seaman named Loregie Moscoso, that nightmare became

Lady police caught sleeping and wearing inappropriate clothes while on the job

People look up to police officers as guardians and role models. A part of their responsibilities requires them to keep peace and order in our country. People expect a lot from these public officials who

Concerned netizen shared his unbelievable experience with a bogus agency that tried to get his money

Ordinary citizens who work hard to earn a living hate nothing more than scams. Wouldn't it infuriate you to realize that while you do your best at work, someone else can just sneakily take your

Bereaved family in Cebu City rides coffin to their neighbor’s “tora-tora”

When a loved one departs this world, the bereaved family is expected to give a proper and dignified interment. However, it can often get bogged down by some unexpected events. Recently, a family in Talisay, Cebu

Throuple: Thai man happily married to his two wives

For some, being in a relationship can be the cause of headache and stress. But can you imagine that a man from Thailand is actually married to two women? Take note, the two wives are

Woman calls out her cheating boyfriend and his woman on Facebook

It seems as if Facebook is filled with either memes or stories about cheating boyfriends and their third party. If these stories were to be collected and printed into a book, they can make 500

Kim Rodriguez denies allegations that she is pregnant

Kim Rodriguez has finally broken her silence on the rumor that she is pregnant. In a report by PEP, the Kapuso actress denied the speculations that she is with child during her recent interview on

Remarkable timelapse video shows storm unloading water on an alpine lake

We live on a beautiful planet full of amazing wonders of nature. These small miracles are often what make people to believe in magic. However, what people fail to notice is that science can be