Virgin conception stuns the quiet province of Zamboanga del Sur

Virgin conception stuns the quiet province of Zamboanga del Sur

Recently, a miracle reportedly happened in the Philippines. A young woman stirred up controversy after claiming that she experienced a virgin conception. The 22-year-old went to the doctor because her period was late and she wanted to get a professional opinion for her current condition.

The doctor’s diagnosis shocked the confused Zamboanga del Sur native. It turns out that she was pregnant despite insisting that she’s a virgin. The young woman claimed that she’s never been touched by anyone.

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So, is virgin conception truly possible? Can one produce a child even if they haven’t been sleeping with anyone?

Well, medical professionals say that getting pregnant without penetration is feasible. However, the chances for this to actually happen is also really low. NHS Choices shared that if a man releases his sperm near your reproductive organ or touches your private area with semen then a pregnancy could happen.

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However, from the looks of this young woman’s testimony, neither occurred. Her doctors think that she may have gotten impregnated by a rogue sperm cell in the swimming pool. All of these questions aside, the first-time mother gave birth to a healthy girl.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments to the story:

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