Swearing is good for children according to Dr. Emma Byrne

Swearing is good for children according to Dr. Emma Byrne

Watch out folks, new research suggests an alternative way to raise your kids. One scientist claims that swearing, is actually good for childrenYup, you read that one right.

In November of 2017, scientist, journalist, and speaker Dr. Emma Byrne published her book titled, “Swearing Is Good For You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language.

Dr. Byrne argues that contrary to what most parents believe, we should teach children to swear. Before you raise your eyebrows, this claim is based on multiple scientific studies that show swearing positively affects children’s honesty, vocabulary, and credibility. Also, using bad language enables one to better deal with anger.

Hmm, interesting.

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According to Dr. Byrne, parents should teach their children how to swear and when they should swear so they can use it effectively. She also shared that parents should explain what these words mean and how it affect others. This way, children will have a better grasp and understanding of swearing rather than using the words before understanding the consequences attached to them.

Learning how to use swearing effectively, with the support of empathetic adults, is far better than trying to ban children from using such language. Children need to learn how swearing affects others.

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Also according to her, swearing is a good way to ease pain and vent vicious thoughts.

Swearing primes us to think aggressive thoughts while, paradoxically, making us less likely to be physically violent.”

Although all of her arguments do make sense, explaining how cursing works to a child opens up a number of concerns. One being it’s hard for children to digest such abstract concepts, since the meaning of swear words depends upon context and inflection.

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Here are some of the mixed comments from social media users about this unusual study.


Watch Dr. Emma Bryne and Stephen Fry discuss this here!



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