Treatment-resistant ‘super lice’ causes concern among hairdressers

Treatment-resistant ‘super lice’ causes concern among hairdressers

Lice are parasites that reside in the scalp and feed on the blood of its unfortunate host. While most species of this parasite can now be managed through regular treatment, a new generation of super lice is wrecking havoc and is making scientist scratch their heads.

In 2000, most over-the-counter lice treatments such as permethrin and pyrethrin are guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Yet in recent studies conducted in 2013, experts found that a new generation of lice are spreading. Referred to as ‘super lice,’ these pesky critters have grown resistant to over-the-counter treatments.

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As expected, this alarming news caused panic not only to parents, but to hairdressers as well. One salon in Modesto, California, has started incorporating lice treatment to its services. Oftentimes, parents will come in to get rid of their children’s lice infestation. In the past, this has been an easy and booming business.

However, with the existence of super lice, removing lice have become a challenge. It didn’t help that it’s also difficult to spot them, since they look just like regular lice. They have roughly the same size and appearance. The only difference is that the super lice are immune to traditional treatments.

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Today, there is only one known treatment for super lice, and it’s only available inthe United States. For the meantime, a US-based pediatrician, Dr. Ellaine Soriano, says that we can still try traditional treatments like nitpicking. Although it might take some time, it is better than letting the lice breed.

To avoid getting super lice, experts advise on being wary of one’s personal belongings. Avoid sharing comb, hat, towel, or hair accessories with people who are lice infected. If you can, try to limit direct or close contact with infected people as well.

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