WATCH: Isang Lalaking Caretaker, Ipinakulong Nang Dahil Sa Kanyang “ITLOG”

WATCH: Isang Lalaking Caretaker, Ipinakulong Nang Dahil Sa Kanyang “ITLOG”

Every citizen has the right to claim innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, it is important that the authorities observe and practice due process. When someone is denied of due process, it would be a violation of a person’s fundamental human right. An example of this grave disrespect is illegal detention.

In the recent episode of the public service program “BITAG”, a caretaker of a poultry farm named Jonathan seeked help after he experienced illegal detention. The owner of the said farm, Jocelyn Reyes, accused him of stealing sacks of eggs. In order to know the two sides of the story, the host Ben Tulfo both aired their statements.

According to her, Jonathan allegedly stole 10 to 16 trays of eggs and placed it inside the sacks. She also claimed that he has been doing this since December. Aside from that, the missing eggs were said to be sold by him without permission. He also allegedly cooked for the eggs for the other workers in the poultry farm.

With these reasons at hand, Jocelyn brought him to their barangay hall for questioning. This is where the 24-hour unlawful detention occurred with the facilitation of one of the officials there.

Jocelyn reiterated that he admitted to her accusations in the barangay hall. However, Jonathan denied all of these in his statements on the show. According to him, he did not rob anything from the poultry farm.

On the other hand, he wanted to get back the 13,000 he gave Jocelyn so he could be set free from detention. Apparently, his aunt sold his goat to pay the owner.

Tulfo contacted  Martin Dino, the DILG Undersecretary for Barangay Affairs, to explain the unlawful things that the barangay official did to Jonathan. According to him, both the official and the owner could face charges because of the illegal detention Jonathan suffered from. Only the police have the right to apprehend someone or take him into custody.

Until the end, Jocelyn firmly claimed her accusations were true. She also carried pieces of evidence to back them up.

Meanwhile, netizens took the side of Jonathan. They hoped that he would eventually get the justice he deserves.

Watch the full video below:


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