The unexpected, heartbreaking reunion of a young student and his detained father

The unexpected, heartbreaking reunion of a young student and his detained father

The Internet is filled with touching videos capturing special moments such as family reunions. Who wouldn’t shed a tear or two after seeing loved ones hug each other out of longing? It will always be heartwarming to see relatives preparing for such special moments. However, there are times when a reunion is brought on by chance and fate. There is a young student from Thailand who had an unexpected meeting with someone very important.

According to the popular Facebook post, this young student and his class were on a field trip. They were going to a correctional facility and this was headed by Jam Banjeud Rayong, an educational organization.

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The young man was part of the class that was scheduled to visit the facility. Arom Khunmoung, the team leader of the tour, noticed that this boy seemed very preoccupied staring at one of the men inside the detention center. It was quite unusual especially when the kid started getting teary-eyed.

When Arom looked at the object of the student’s attention, he was surprised to see that the older man was also reciprocating the same emotions.

The heartbreaking sight pushed the tour leader to ask the student what was wrong. It turns out that the stranger was actually the boy’s father! Still reeling from the revelation, Arom asked the kid if he wanted to spend time with his father. The student confirmed and this was the start of an emotional reunion.

He immediately asked the warden to let the boy and his father have their time together. Rushing to his father’s arms, the young boy can’t help but cry after unexpectedly seeing his parent. The man immediately kissed his son as he expressed how much he missed him.

The father also asked his son if he was embarrassed and ashamed of him. His weeping son immediately said no and got down on his knees as he gave respect to his detained father. The convicted man promised the young boy that he will do his best to be a good person once he gets out.

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Read the netizens’ reactions to the story below:

Their touching story definitely moved millions of netizens. Arom’s post also reminded people, who have their full freedom, to show their love to people while they still got the chance.

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