Roxanne Barcelo Shows Off Her Toned Figure!

Roxanne Barcelo Shows Off Her Toned Figure!

Roxanne Barcelo truly knows how to spice up things and and make a statement. The former star known being conservative and being all for educational talks literally and figuratively sheds up her clothing to reveal a new personality. It has happened so suddenly. From her sister and friendly image, Roxanne made a big leap into being Roxie B.

Roxie B. stated the transition from Roxanne Barcelo’s wholesome image to her more daring and alluring one. When she decided to be Roxxie B., Roxanne suddenly became more liberal and became more open to daring projects. It came as a shock to some but seeing how our country and how our tele viewers opt for something new and completely hates the boring and and the ordinary.

Roxanne have had a hard time adjusting at first that’s why she was removed from the limelight. The jump from the conservative image to the hot image has always been a discussion. Since she was an effective host and she even got awards for it. It also became risky for her to take the jump.

But she held on to her faith and she finally decided to change for the betterment of her career. She made it with her eyes close and it was all worth it because she got noticed for all the right reasons. Finally, people know her name and they noticed her talent.

When people began to notice her because of her hot image, Roxie decided to go back to being Roxanne Barcelo, she got her break again when she played the role of the fiesty, bratty, and hot-headed Natalie in the teleserye Wildflower. Her acting chops was put to the test and she became an icon alongside Maja Salvador and Aiko Melendez. Their characters’ confrontation scenes were always trending and people love to see them slap and challenge each other.

Wildflower went on to become one of the most successful teleseryes in Kapamilya station and Roxanne became noticed again. Fans were clamoring for more projects for her and they wanted to see more of this beautiful, sizzling, and funny star. Roxanne always showed her outgoing and fun side in her interviews and people loved her liberated and fun side.

Source: ABS-CBN

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