Raffy Tulfo fixes the damage relationship of a mother and a daughter

Raffy Tulfo fixes the damage relationship of a mother and a daughter

Filipino are known for their close family ties. Filipino children are usually taught to support their parents when they become adults. While such practice certainly has its merits, this can also lead to some strain in the relationship between parent and child.

In this the recent episode of “Raffy Tulfo in Action,” the situation between this supportive daughter and a greedy mother resonated among the viewers.

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According to the Elizabeth, the mother, her daughter Desiree already stopped giving her any financial support, saying: “Dati naman siyang nagbibigay sa akin.” This certainly caused some tension in their relationship, prompting Elizabeth to ask Raffy Tulfo for help.

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However, Desiree, via telephone interview, had a different story to tell. According to her, she never failed to support her mother financially. Moreover, the only time that she stopped giving financial support was when her mother started throwing insults at her that really hurt her feelings.

“Simula po noong nag-asawa ako last year, binibigyan ko po siya. Hindi po naputol noong nagtatrabaho po ako.Ang akin lang po. Kung bakit gusto ko na po putulin kasi po kapag hindi ko po binigay agad simula noong nagtatrabaho ako kung anu-ano na ang sinasabi niya.”

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Furthermore, she also exposed her mother about an incident that happened in the dental clinic where she and her husband are working.

“Alam niyo po na sinugod niya ako rito sa clinic kung saan ako at ang asawa ko nagtatrabaho. Nag-eskandalo po siya rito. Dinuro-duro niya po ako rito sa harap po ng mga pasyente namin.”

At the end of the of the conversation, Elizabeth, and Desiree decided to settle the issue outside the studio. However, the daughter said that she wants more before talking to her mother and settling the issue once and for all.

“Kaya ko po siya patawarin kasi ina ko po siya. Mayroon pong room for forgiveness. Pero ginawa niya po na damage sa akin, ayaw ko po muna siyang makita. Sorry po. Ito lang po ang assurance ko. Iyong kapatid ko po na nakadepende doon sa bahay ako na po ang mayroon responsibiladad doon.”

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In case you want the full interview, watch the video below!

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