Raffy Tulfo in Action: What Made Everyone Shocked

Raffy Tulfo in Action: What Made Everyone Shocked

A video from the internet-radio program Raffy Tulfo in Action is now going viral because of its shocking ending. It includes live-in partners Alex Claros and Donna Survilla with money and affair issues.

This episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action started with Alex saying that he wants Donna to live with him again, despite him having no money to give her.

On the other hand, Donna proclaims that she needs more money from Alex since she gives all her money to her family and nothing is left with her.

Alex then told Raffy, the host of the show that Donna sees someone else and actually has a child with this other man. He said that it’s okay with him and that he accepts the child like his own, but the only problem is that Donna and the father don’t have enough money to support the kid which leaves Alex to be the one responsible for.

Donna kept on telling Alex that he should give all her money to her and not just the half of it. She told the host that she will go back to Alex if he does. Raffy then asked Donna if this money issue is the reason why she finds another man but Donna denied.

Their face-to-face encounter ended with them reconciling the issues. The host asked Alex to go closer to Donna and give her a kiss and he did.

In the interview after the show, Alex told the reporters that he couldn’t give everything that will make Donna happy like going out on dates. The host then made a joke about their sex life and Alex admitted that it is honestly one of the problems because of him being older than Donna. It resulted with Raffy gives Alex a supplement that will make men better on their sexual performance.

Alex thanked Raffy for this, but what happened next wasn’t expected at all. Alex started telling Raffy about all their expenses as a couple from paying the rent to buying all the material he needed for his job. Raffy asked about the cost of it all and Alex surprisingly put out a paper that has a written list of all the money they need on it. Everything sums up to 66,000php!

This made the host really shocked and he acted to faint which make everyone laugh, but upon standing up again, he talked to Alex with a serious tone, saying that he couldn’t give that kind of amount to him just so Donna will go back to living with him. He also said that it’s like he’s buying Donna’s loyalty to Alex and it’s not right. He told Alex that Donna should be with him willingly and not because of the money.

Everyone who watched this video of Raffy Tulfo in Action was really surprised about this ending. Most people commented that Raffy did the right thing to not give Alex the money he is asking. Some also said that everything is like planned out by the live-in partners because after the days passed by the people behind the program visited the two and they were surprised that they are living together again.

Watch the video here:

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