Police Start Manhunt For Suspects in the Case of OFW Beaten to Death in Quezon City

Police Start Manhunt For Suspects in the Case of OFW Beaten to Death in Quezon City


A brief vacation in his home country that was supposed to be meant for catching up with loved ones ended brutally for the Abigial Gino Basas

Basas reportedly came back to the Philippines recently for a brief vacation. According to reports, Basas worked for an Australian Cruise ship as a photographer. 

Part of the young Overseas Filipino Worker's agenda for his return to his home country was to catch up with his friends.

On Friday, March 3, 2017, Basas went out with two companions; Marco de Leon (23 years old), and Lloyd Melvin Lisondra (22 years old).

The three reportedly planned for a night of drinking and merry-making at an establishment in Quezon City named  Perfect Spot Bar and Billiards. Everything seemed to go well for the three friends until it was about time for them to call it a night. 

According to reports, Basas and his companions decided to go home at 2:55 am. However, on their way out of the bar, they crossed paths with a man with "shoulder-length hair" who was believed to be aroud 20 to 25 years old

The stranger tried to talk to them in a different language, something that the three brushed off. They apparently kept moving out of the bar. 

Their decision to ignore the stranger yielded grave consequences. 


Once they got into the parking lot, they realized they stranger (who was with 9 other people) decided to follow them. 

According to reports, the three didn't get to go inside the car because the stranger and his companions proceeded to beat them up. 

The incident led to the death of Basas and left serious injuries on his friends. 

Now, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, it seems that the Police have finally gotten a solid lead on the suspects who beat Basas to death. 

The stranger they encountered on their way out of the bar was recently identified as Fitz Mohammed. Three of his companions in the brutal mauling have also been recognized; Cyril Rada, Earl Grande, and another named Jammel. 

It has also come to the police's attention that the 10 suspects involved in the crime were not all male. Half of them were women. 

According to authorities, they also received a tip from an unnamed source that the group was composed of students from the National University and the University of the East. 

The QCPD has stated that they are doing all they can to catch all the people responsible for the crime.
Source: TNP, Inquirer


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