Parents’ unfortunate experience becomes goes viral on Facebook

Parents’ unfortunate experience becomes goes viral on Facebook

Undoubtedly, there’s no worse feeling for parents than knowing their child is in great danger and they can’t do anything about it. As a result, it will be an automatic response for the parents to seek help as soon as possible. Recently, this is what post that went viral on Facebook is all about.

Furthermore, what makes the narrative downright reprehensible is the lack of immediate response of the only person who could help them.

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According to a Facebook post on OFW Kalingawan, these parents thought it would be a safe sea voyage — Cebu to Manila — for them. However, it turned out to be a haunting nightmare after their baby became sick throughout the entire trip.

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The condition of the baby — who was suffering from severe diarrhea, frequent nausea, and high fever — worsened as the time went by. As a result, the parents rushed their child to the ship’s clinic for immediate medical assistance.

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However, the attending doctor at that time refused to help. According to the parents, the doctor refused because the doctor was not a pediatrician. Not receiving any medical attention, the baby became even more pale-looking and eventually took a turn for the worst.


Read the post that went viral on Facebook below!


As for now, the parents and netizens want justice for the baby.

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