VIRAL: Suntukan Ng Dalawang Lalaking Muntik Mauwi Sa Pananaksak Dahil Sa Pikunan Sa Online Games

VIRAL: Suntukan Ng Dalawang Lalaking Muntik Mauwi Sa Pananaksak Dahil Sa Pikunan Sa Online Games

A video showing two alleged Filipino online gamers engaging in a violent brawl outside an internet cafe in Morayta, Manila went viral on social media recently.

According to our source, the two men were both players of the hit FPS Game called Crossfire. Apparently, they were having a tournament inside the aforementioned internet cafe. However, their intense virtual match ended up as a real life fight along the crowded sidewalk in Manila.

Based on the report of Metro Balita, the two online gamers ended up fighting when one of them got irked over a heated discussion on the results of the game. Likewise, their bout of negative emotions escalated after they both uttered insulting and boastful speech to each other.

The video shows some onlookers watching the brawl in total shock, while others rush over to break up the commotion. However, there were also those who cheered the two men on and took photos of the moment with their phones.

In one clip of the video, you can see that one of the online gamers was already in the act of wriggling a knife from his back. Fortunately, a man who seemed to be in the authority rush over to stop the commotion.

The two men on the video remain unidentified as of writing.

Meanwhile, the viral video has racked up a staggering 89,000 views after it was posted online, with more than 1,700 people sharing the clip on Facebook. As expected, netizens urged avid online gamers to avoid trash talking when playing computer games with others. As for them, players should be calm and thick-skinned. Whether playing sports or video games, they should know how to accept victory and defeat gracefully.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments:

Watch the video below:


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