Wife of an OFW forgives husband after replacing her with a foreigner

Wife of an OFW forgives husband after replacing her with a foreigner

In the Philippine culture, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are heroes. As Filipinos, we acknowledge and admire our fellow countrymen who goes beyond their way in order to support their families. Also, OFWs contribute a lot to the development of our country annually. However, just like us, they are humans who make bad decisions. A wife of an OFW decided to forgive and set her husband free after finding out his affair with a foreign woman.

On FacebookMaica Tidoy posted a photo of their complete family with a caption:

“Yung kahit sa picture na lang kami buo.”

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Maica and her husband, who remained unidentified, have two young kids, both of which were still very young when her husband left. Her husband works as an OFW in China where he met the foreign woman he left his wife and kids for.

According to Maica’s statements, she feels no resentment towards her husband. She was able to forgive him fully and let him be happy. The most painful part of it all was the fact that they spent 7 years together before they separated.

The husband was seen changing his profile picture with his new foreign girlfriend with a caption:

“Let’s be that perfect couple that everyone hates.”

Because of everything that had happened to Maica, many netizens admired her bravery and sense of independence. Not anyone can do what she did that quickly. Granted that she may have been in pain for a while but to some, even time can’t heal their wounds.

Maica created a follow-up post giving an indirect message to her husband. It said:

“Hindi ko intensyon na sirain ka , at lalong hndi ko intensyon ang sumikat, Hindi ko Lang mapigilan yung sarili ko sobrang sakit na ilabas yung nararamdaman ko.”

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This reminds us that not everyone who works for pay and supports their families are the only heroes. Most times, it’s also the woman or the man who stays at home to take care of us. And for OFWs, not all are heroes, many are just regular people too.

Read the netizens’ reactions:

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