Notched lip of President Manuel Roxas in PHP 100 bills shocks woman

Notched lip of President Manuel Roxas in PHP 100 bills shocks woman

President Manuel Roxas was the fifth president of the Philippines and last president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. This was after our sovereignty was granted by the United States of America.

However, President Manuel Roxas is known by many for being the face of the purple one hundred peso bill. And probably because he is related to former Senator Mar Roxas.

Which is why, when the news of a disfigured face of President Manuel Roxas in one hundred peso bills circulated the internet, a lot of netizens were quick to react on it.

The said photos were uploaded by GMA 7’s ‘YouScooper’ Reina Jean Prescillas from Quezon City.

According to her, she was just innocently withdrawing money from an ATM inside a bank in Quezon City.  She did not immediately see the difference in her one hundred peso bills until she got home.

She was shocked when she noticed that President Manuel Roxas had a notched lip.

Meanwhile, netizens feasted on the viral photo making fun of President Manuel Roxas’ “bingot”.

One netizen pointed out that notched lips were a disability and needed to be respected.


Others made up stories about fistfights inside the ATM that involved other political figures in the country.


And because Prescillas wanted to return the defective bills, some netizens lambasted her, saying that the bills were even “collector’s item”. Others commented that she just wanted fame.

Fortunately there were netizens who were quick to aid Prescillas’ side. They called out Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for the mistake in printing said bills.

People must be reminded that the sole institution that can issue bank notes and coins in the Philippines is Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. This authority was granted to them under Section 50 of RA 7653 or  The New Central Bank Act.


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