Netizens debates over the Gretchen Fullido vs. ABS-CBN Executives issue

Netizens debates over the Gretchen Fullido vs. ABS-CBN Executives issue

The issues and cases between Gretchen Fullido and current and former ABS-CBN Executives aren’t halfway over. Both parties have either been proving that they were victims or that they were innocent. At first, many netizens sided with Gretchen after filing the cases against the executives.

However, after Cheryl Favila’s legal team released their official position paper, many netizens became neutral, others remained with Fullido, and the rest switched sides to Favila. All this is in regards to the inappropriate malicious advances that Gretchen Fullido accused Cheryl Favila from 2015-2017. Gretchen even recently released text messages she got from Cheryl which had questionable contents.

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Netizens who believe that Gretchen’s accusations were all true commented about the inappropriate texts Gretchen released. According to them, she had valid reasons to file a case. One netizen even mentioned that in a case like this, the intention of the accused is not as important as how the victim felt.

Others pointed the fact from an article about what kind of relationship Cheryl and Gretchen had. According to the netizen, Gretchen’s boss was patient in helping her become a better journalist. She also stated that Gretchen had many repetitive lapses at work.

Many pointed out the Gretchen Fullido is not as talented of a journalist as she thought she was. This was probably based on Cheryl’s legal counsel’s statement regarding Gretchen’s work skills. One netizen even said that Gretchen must’ve been planning it all along. In the comment it said:

“The document appears to suggest that Gretchen has been planning her moves from the very start. Let’s be more objective; sometimes harassment has been abused to gain sympathy and power. Read the docs carefully.”

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Furthermore, there were netizens who still tried to remain impartial. They are the ones who believe in listening to both sides of the story no matter what comes out next. In a battle such as this, it’s really difficult to know which one is telling the truth. But what can even make it more confusing is to find out that they were both either telling the truth or lies?

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