Netizen posts on Facebook to warn others of an alleged pickpocket in LRT-1

Netizen posts on Facebook to warn others of an alleged pickpocket in LRT-1

A netizen recorded the aftermath of what was an alleged pickpocketing incident that happened on the LRT-1.

In a Facebook post by Joyce Ann Paddao, the netizen warned her fellow commuters of a woman who reportedly stole another passenger’s cellphone while they were in a crowded train. According to her, the incident happened while the LRT was on its way to the Roosevelt Station.

Joyce said the victim called out a female passenger after the she felt the latter open her bag and take her phone.

The conversation went as follows (non-verbatim):

Victim: “Ate nasan yung phone ko naramdaman ko binuksan mo ung zipper ng bag ko asan yung phone ko?”‘

Accused: “Bakit ko kukunin phone mo eh may phone ako?”

Victim: “Ate binuksan niyo po yung zipper ng bag ko eh naramdaman ko eh! Patingin na lang po ng bag niyo.”

Accused: “Sige tignan mo.” (shows her bag)

Other passengers: “Sa hita mo ate, sa legs mo pakapkap mo.”

After searching, the victim’s phone fell out of the suspect’s person.

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The other passengers then prevented the woman from escaping, alleging she really stole the victim’s phone. When the train arrived at Doroteo Jose Station, the commuters promptly reported the incident to the security guards.

Joyce also uploaded two videos and a photo of the alleged pickpocket. In the first video, an emotional woman can be seen calling out the suspect, saying “lahat naman dito nangangailangan, hindi lang ikaw.”

The suspect, on the other hand, was visibly angry that she was being accused of being a pickpocket.

The second video showed the accused being escorted out of the train, with some commuters instructing the others not to let her out of sight.

As they got off the train, the woman was reported to the guards assigned at the station.

Watch the videos below:

Netizens could not help but express their anger over the incident. Here are some of their comments:

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