Netizen complains about an alleged Lazada delivery fail

Netizen complains about an alleged Lazada delivery fail

Online shopping can quickly turn into a bad habit, especially if you’re making your own money. What was once a hobby can take over your life. Imagine having everything you need and want just one click away. However, this convenient operation has a major downside. A Facebook user shared his disappointing experience with an alleged Lazada delivery fail.

Customers realize that there are risks when they choose to shop online. Since they aren’t involved with the process, customers can’t inspect the products before they click “buy.” It’s infuriating to discover that your purchased items aren’t up to your standard only after you’ve given your credit card information.

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This is what the netizen was complaining about with his recent Facebook post. He claimed that Lazada purposely messed with his order and now he seeks a proper solution. The netizen shared that he bought a Lenovo tablet worth PHP 12,000 but when he opened the package, it contained a bar of laundry detergent soap.

A mistake of this magnitude can run the online shopping business to the ground. Customers would never trust a company that robs them of their hard-earned money like this. However, other Facebook users didn’t believe Anthony’s complaints.

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Some pointed out that there were questionable things in the video that made it seem fake. The people’s reactions, as heard on the viral clip, didn’t sound believable. Plus, the fact that someone was ready to film the unwrapping of the Lazada delivery suggested that it was staged.

Here are some of the netizens’ reactions to the viral Facebook post:

Watch the video below:

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Source: Facebook

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