This netizen’s small act of kindness towards a hard working traffic enforcer is a must-follow

This netizen’s small act of kindness towards a hard working traffic enforcer is a must-follow

There are some things that happen in the right place at the right time. Perhaps not everyone believes in fate, but this encounter between a netizen and a traffic enforcer certainly was in God’s will.

Through a Facebook post from Kami, the netizen shared an experience that would later change her life forever. As she was dining inside the branch of a well known fast food chain, a certain Lilibeth Gallo saw a traffic enforcer nearby. Even without talking to him, she could tell that he was worn out from both the traffic and the heat.

Moments later, the officer — who was already around 50 or 60 — sat in the gutter for a short break.

Upon seeing the exhausted lolo, Lilibeth didn’t think twice about buying him a meal. At this point, the officer happened to walk inside the fast food joint, perhaps so he could enjoy the cool dry air of the aircon.

Now with the meal in hand, the generous netizen walked towards the traffic enforcer. We quote:

“ME: Tay para po sainyo. Mag almusal napo kayo.

TATAY: Pero di ako nag-order. Wala akong pera.

ME: Okay lang po yun tay. Binili ko po talaga yan para sa yo. Kain napo kayo. Sana po magustuhan niyo.”

And so he did! The small act of kindness didn’t fail to bring a smile (and tears) to the elderly, who quickly proceeded to wolf down the meal out of tiredness and hunger.



As later stated in the post, what pushed Lilibeth to help the traffic enforcer was the thought of her father.

“Ayoko kase dumating yung araw na mangyari din sa tatay ko at kung sa sino mang mga matatanda.”

Ending her piece, the kind netizen then advised her readers to always be grateful for hard workers like the traffic enforcer she just helped.


Meanwhile, commenters on Facebook were nothing but encouraging over this positive story.


Faith in humanity restored!


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