Netizen shares awful dating experience with a guy who snatched her cellphone

Netizen shares awful dating experience with a guy who snatched her cellphone

Socializing with strangers became more acceptable through time. In order to meet new people and welcome them into our lives, we must allow ourselves to be open to the world. However,  it’s almost impossible to erase the threats and disadvantages that come with this sort of thinking. Take for example, the awful experience of a young woman who tried to date a potential suitor who ended up snatching her expensive cellphone.

Pam Benitez begrudgingly shared the humiliating experience she had with a certain Sherwin Artacho Lorro (or Shaun). Days of communicating through text or social media ended up with a decision to meet in person. Out of convenience, they both agreed to meet at Market Market in Taguig City.

Everything seemed to go smoothly during their “first date.” Shaun invited the young woman for coffee after her work shift. However, things now delved into questionable territory when Shaun said that he left his wallet in his car. Unfortunately, the said vehicle was borrowed by his brother who had his own plans.

The young man asked Pam if he could borrow her phone to call his sibling. The poor victim didn’t think t hat anything would happen so she happily obliged. Of course, their coffee date was all paid for by the unsuspecting lady, believing that Shaun was a nice guy.

At one point, Shaun went outside the coffee shop to talk to his brother through a phone call. Since Pam, could still see him from afar, she took some time to do some retouch. However, after doing so, she noticed that the guy has disappeared. She waited for three to five minutes but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen!

Fortunately, Pam brought a spare phone with her and readily looked for Shaun through a Find my Android application. However, security guards in the area weren’t too cooperative, so she ended up going to Guadalupe while tracing her phone’s location. When she arrived at the spot, she tried to call Shaun. However, the latter turned off the phone’s data so they weren’t able to track down his exact location.

Guadalupe police immediately went to Bonifacio Global City station and filed a blooter report regarding Pam’s misfortune.

Read the full text of her post below:

Meanwhile, netizens shared mixed reactions on Pam’s misfortune. Some sympathized with her while others blamed her for what happened. Nevertheless, Pam admitted in the latter part of her post that she has learned her lesson after the incident.

Here are some of the netizens’ comments:


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