Neri Naig surprised when Kris Aquino reacted on her Instagram post

Neri Naig surprised when Kris Aquino reacted on her Instagram post

We Filipinos are known because of our love for food. Aside from the physical nourishment that it brings to us, it also plays a huge part in our culture. Food is a very special blessing that brings families and friends together. It can be a lot more enjoyed when it is shared with others.

Just like the actress Neri Naig-Miranda who has become a great source of food inspiration for a lot of her followers. The wife of Chito Miranda is known in her Instagram account for her love in cooking. From time to time she shares photos of mouthwatering dishes which most of the time are captioned with her own recipes.

This particular hobby of Neri is the thing that caught the attention of the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino.

Recently, the “Star Circle Quest” alumn shared a photo of some fresh and fleshy crabs in her Instagram account. In the same post, she also mentioned that she was able to learn some cooking tips for crabs from her mother-in-law and and her biological mother. Neri wrote a caption that says:

“Super taba ng talangka! Hindi ako kumakain nito pero nung tinuruan ako ng nanay ko kung paano niya niluluto, nasarapan ako at panay papak ko! Tapos mura pa! Tapos tinuruan naman ako ng mom-in-law ko ng the best sawsawan para sa talangka na talaga namang gustong gusto ng asawa ko. Ang gagaling ng mga nanay ko! Hehe.”

Neri’s post got noticed by Kris Aquino who also shared the same enthusiasm about crabs. Unfortunately, the TV host mentioned that she is allergic to crabs and other seafood. But Kris shared some cooking techniques for Neri to try with.

“SUPER FAVORITE namin ng Mom ko & also kuya josh!!! Y did i see this? Unfair because my food allergies are crab, lobster, shrimp from the sea (okay ako sa farmed or cultured) and talangka… double whammy ang na feel na nostalgia… since we cannot use my recipe, in case you want a “bicolano” twist- pakuluan sa gata w/ both siling pang sigang & a bit of siling labuyo. #heavenly,” Kris wrote.

Chito’s wife was surprised to see Kris’ comment on her post. She got fascinated with their interaction on her Instagram account. This made Neri very happy that she even posted it on her Instagram stories.

This wasn’t the first time that Neri and Kris had an interaction on the social media.

Earlier this year, the Inquirer featured Miranda who expressed her admiration for Aquino in an Instagram post. She shared how she was affected with Kris’ situation that time.

After seeing Neri’s post, Kris thanked the actress and even injected a humor by saying that Neri is very much welcome to raid her closet.

What can you say about Neri’s reaction after seeing Kris Aquino’s comment on her post? Join the discussion by posting your comments below.


Source: Instagram | Inquirer 
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