Meet Ryan Christian Recto, Luis Manzano’s little brother

Meet Ryan Christian Recto, Luis Manzano’s little brother

Everyone loves Luis Manzano! Apart from his looks, his boyish charms, and his happy-go-lucky demeanor, he has real talent. Don’t you wish that there were two of him? Well, this might be a long shot, but did you know that Luis has a younger brother? Yep, we’re talking about Ryan Christian Recto and he’s all grown up!

Half-brothers, they are the sons of renowned Filipina actress and politician, Vilma Santos. Yes, Ate V, the Star for All Seasons, and the one and only. Luis Manzano’s father is Edu Manzano while Ryan Christian Recto’s dad is Senator Ralph Recto. With even just that information, it’s already apparent how the brothers got their looks and charms!

Back in 2005, he did make an appearance in the kiddie gag show, “Goin Bulilit”. Would he follow his big brother and mother’s footsteps?

Even though that Ryan and Luis are half-brothers, it’s obvious that the bond between the two is strong.

From working out together to just hanging out, these boys are as tight as it can get.

Is he going to step into the limelight to become a star?

Well, it’s looking a little bit negative on that area because when he was asked, Ryan Christian Recto said that he wants to focus on his studies.

As of now, he’s still studying over at the Ateneo de Manila University. He did say that he’d like to follow the footsteps of his dad and enter politics.

Who knows, maybe he’d make a fine congressman or governor in the future? Maybe both?

Anyway, with both politics and acting in his gene, it’ll be just a matter of time until we find out where he’ll spread his wings.

Source: ManilaRush

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