Mark Bautista admits he was involved in a “bromance” with another actor

Mark Bautista admits he was involved in a “bromance” with another actor

Mark Bautista is famous for his clean-cut look and well-maintained appearance. As such, he is prone to intrigue concerning women – as with most male celebrities.

However, he recently admitted that he got “intimate” with another man, who is an actor as well. This showed a new side of Mark, who was previously recognized for his debonair aura.

According to Philippine Entertainment Portal, Mark became close with a “guy friend.” He even called their relationship a “bromance.” It turned intimate when they got tempted to take their relationship further – two times, to be exact.

After the second time, the actor shared that they refused to be romantically involved with each other. Mark disclosed that they managed to maintain a platonic friendship for several years.

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One night, both of them got drunk at a party. This prompted them to release their inhibitions and share the same bed. Mark narrated, “We then got so drunk that I ended up going home with him. I spent the night in his house and we became intimate.” 

Unfortunately, the actor’s friend was involved in a relationship with a girl that time. The girlfriend found out when Mark’s friend admitted it to her out of pure shock.

The actor continued, “This started a huge drama between the three of us. It became a spectacle.”

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Mark Bautista reiterated that “nothing extreme” had happened between him and his friend. Rumors circulated about them but the actor never talked about it. He revealed, “I kept my silence and allowed myself to be hurt by all the rumors.”

He was never able to defend himself because he thought that it would definitely make the situation worse. As with all drama, his relationship with the friend and the girl drastically changed.

In the end, Mark never revealed the name of his friend.

The source noted that the actor’s confession was just one of those that were originally written in his book  “Beyond The Mark.” It is a compilation of his experiences and musings that reveal his true, non-showbiz self.

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What do you think about Mark Bautista’s confession? Do you have any idea who he was referring to? Share your thoughts and speculations in the comments section below! 

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