How Lovers Lie To Each Other: 10 Surprising Facts

How Lovers Lie To Each Other: 10 Surprising Facts

How Lovers Lie To Each Other: 10 Surprising Facts

Recently, scientists conducted a study about how often people lie to each other. According to the research, women lie three times less than men – to be exact, about 3 times a day, while men do so up to 6 times a day. But still, there is no intelligible answer as to why the other sex lies. Perhaps they think this is a way to impress a woman or to prevent her from getting offended. So, how could an individual know when a person is lying? No one knows for sure but there are common patterns to these false truths. Here are the 5 most common variants of men’s lies:

  1. I’ll never hurt you

Maybe he really has the best intentions, but we are just people, so we make mistakes. If he says so, then it’s nice to hear it. He shows that he cares for you, but a woman should never take such words for granted. There can always be a situation where you will be hurt, perhaps unintentionally.

  1. You’re the first woman with whom I did it

To be honest, this is a harmless lie. Imagine the two of you cooking dinner together or doing an outdoor activity such as diving. It’s so nice to know that you are creating your own memories, which in turn makes your relationship stronger. Therefore, when he says that you are the first and only person with whom he does this with, you can do nothing but smile and be happy. This recognition means that a man enjoys time with you and wants to impress you.

  1. I couldn’t get in contact with you in any way

We live in the days of smartphones and social networks, so any excuse for not having the opportunity to contact you sounds fake! A broken car, a discharged phone, a lost wallet are too commonplace excuses, instead of looking for compelling explanations.

  1. I’ll call you back

This is the most popular lie among men. He says he will call back, but he doesn’t do it. Then you meet him on the street or in the store, and he lies further, saying that he lost your phone number. It’s nice that a man doesn’t want to hurt you, but it’s too obvious that he’s simply not interested in you and prefers hunting for some vava brides. If a man likes a woman, he will do everything possible to contact her.

  1. Everything is fine

Women lie less often than men, but they do it better. Psychologists say that this is the result of a unique female ability to control emotions associated with guilt. However, there is a lie that is universal. This is the phrase: “I’m fine.” A woman says this phrase so that the man could guess her emotions. Meanwhile, a man says this phrase because he doesn’t want to talk about anything or upset you.

And what about women? Sometimes they are also not entirely sincere. At a minimum, women often slightly adorn the real facts. We’ll inform you what women lie about.

  1. Number of partners

The old saying goes: “Women should divide the number of partners in three, and men – multiply it three times” – and it’s true. More than 50% of women, in fact, admitted that they lied about their previous romances.

  1. Reasons for breaking-up with her ex

Whatever one may say, unsuccessful relationships don’t make us stronger and more attractive. Nobody wants to look weak and unsuccessful, do they? Therefore, 38% of women prefer not to talk about the reason why they broke up with their former flame with their current partner.

  1. Cost of her clothes

Alas, but spending thousands for a pair of matchless shoes can be hardly called a good investment. Thirty three per cent of the fair sex prefers to understate the cost of their clothes. And we can’t say that it’s light-mindedness: men don’t like women who splash money.

  1. Age

Usually, ladies don’t like to talk about their age. But if this happens, 18% of women prefer to “rejuvenate” themselves for at least a few years.

  1. Cup

At all times, men are attracted by a beautiful and lush décolleté and women know this. About 9% confessed that they weren’t entirely honest in this case. Of course, it’s not a real lie, but only a little exaggeration.

After you’ve learned how people lie, it’s important to think very carefully whether it’s necessary to deceive your loved one and decide if you are ready for the consequences of such deception.


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