UV Express driver squabbles with Makati Traffic enforcers over proper loading area

UV Express driver squabbles with Makati Traffic enforcers over proper loading area

All areas in the metro have designated loading and unloading zones. This helps to lessen the hassles and burdens of traffic in busy streets. In a recent Facebook viral, traffic enforcers pulled over a UV Express driver for loading passengers at an unloading zone. According to, Atamz Sincero, the driver along with his passengers, he was at the proper loading area.

The enforcers, however, insisted that he was in an unloading zone. The incident happened at Ayala AvenueMakati. In a span of 16 hours, Atamz post already reached 374 thousand views with 16.8 thousand shares.

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At the beginning of the video, the driver explained his side when a traffic enforcer was asked him to hand over his license. According to him and his passengers, they were all hopped inside the UV Express at the proper loading area. Which they claim is where they always wait for UVs.

Apparently, upon leaving the area, they were pulled over by an enforcer and was put to stop at the unloading zone. This is what the driver was explaining to the enforcers who insisted that they were at the unloading zone.

Their debate took a while, even people waiting for their UVs came to talk to the enforcers. They tried to convince them that the area has always been a loading area for commuters. A woman even pointed to a sign that said “PUV loading zone.” The officer then explained that the area was only meant for buses.

PUV stands for Public Utility Vehicle. From its definition, it includes all road public transportation vehicles besides the bus.

At the end of it, the driver went off of his car gave his license to a police officer and took pictures of his vehicle parked in the loading area where he was originally at.

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Again, this may be one of those one-sided stories. From this angle, it may be clear that the officers had it wrong. Netizens who commented on the post also cited that the driver was a victim of enforcers who are “abangers.” This is referring to officers who sit around waiting to victimize a driver by giving them an unjust violation.

Watch the video below:

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