FYI: The Truth Behind The Little Girl With Red Eyes

FYI: The Truth Behind The Little Girl With Red Eyes

A little girl with red eyes in Iraq is currently trending on social media. The viral video of her already racked thousands of views, comments, shares, reactions on social media.

Although it is very rare to see a person with such extraordinary eye color like her, most netizens believed that she is suffering from albinism, a very rare genetic condition wherein people who are born with it don’t have enough melanin (skin pigment) in their entire bodies.

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So, in order for you to understand why most netizens said it in the first place, it is worth mentioning that the little girl has so-called red-eyes—or what other people termed as bloodshot eyes. Aside from her pale skin—an obvious sign of albinism, it is important to know that people with this kind of very rare genetic condition also develop an unusual eye color.

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According to the non-profit group National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH), albino people usually have blue eyes. However, in some cases, their eyes might appear brownish, pinkish, and even reddish.

Based on the explanation, the reason why albino people developed these very uncommon eye colors were due to sensitivity to light. So, when a person has an albinism, its iris, which helps control the amount of light coming into our eyes, does not have enough color to protect and shield the retina from the light.

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Here are the comments from the netizens:

Watch the viral video below:

Source: YouTube | Facebook | All About VisionNOAH

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