Lalaking Budol-budol, Nahuli Ng Taong Bayan Na Aktwal Na Nakunan Ng Video!

Lalaking Budol-budol, Nahuli Ng Taong Bayan Na Aktwal Na Nakunan Ng Video!

Mothers would always be protective of their kids. No matter what happens, they will risk their lives just to ensure the safety of their kids. They will conquer every storm and every risk only for the security of their beloved angels. In fact, they are ready to give up whatever they have for them.

A viral video recently went viral after it showed a fuming mother as she confronted the man who allegedly took advantage of her kid. According to the complaining mother, the man in question lured her son to give him his phone in exchange of a small amount of money. The video posted by Alshajid Compania has the caption that says, “KAYA DAPAT INGAT INGAT DIN TAYO SA BUDOL BUDOL EH”.

In the video, it can be seen that the mother was so furious as she shouted and yelled at the man several times. She also tried to use some force as she confronted the alleged suspect. However, before she could even lay her hands on the man, a police officer was present to balance the situation.

No matter how much the mother wanted to inflict pain to the man, the police was there to stop her as he kept on mentioning that the man still has his rights preserved. Even though the police tried his best to hear both sides, the mother was insisting the side of her story. She was yelling at the top of her lungs and it is very obvious that she is being protective of her son.

The video gained a lot of comments from the netizens as it gained views as well as of this writing. Some social media users gave some warning to be double cautious and alert when visiting public places because you would never know what’s there.

However, some netizens argue whether what the police did was right or wrong. They argued that the police was leaning towards the suspect because he did not let the mother inflict injuries on him. Others were saying that what the police did was right because we have to recognize that the man remains innocent unless he would be found guilty in further investigation. They commended the police for still giving the man some protection at the moment when no one can still prove what happened.

Watch the video below:

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